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I'm annoyed Lock Rss

I just look on the home page of the Huggies Site and seen a great Huggies and disney give away that my daughter would love. Only to read on and find out that is for New Zealand only!!! What about Australia. Or have they had this promo already!!! Can any one help!!!!!!!!!

Kerry,Vic and 1 year old girl

I saw this offer.

Maybe Australia is next - who knows?

Maybe the moderator could let us in on what's happening?
Hi to all our members in Australia,

Thanks for your feedback regarding the recent offer featured on our home page. Most of our offers usually apply to all our members, however at times we tailor promotions specifically to the Australian or New Zealand market - such as the Huggies Play Tunnel for Australian residents and this Winnie the Pooh book offer for NZ residents. If you keep your eye on our <a href="">Special Offers- Australia</a> page you'll find this is updated each time a new offer becomes available.

As for the question about what is coming up as the next offer in Australia, well that would really be letting the cat out of the bag. I'm afraid you'll have to stay tuned for that one.

Lauraine (Moderator)
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