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Is you baby/child coughing?? Lock Rss

Hi there! I'd like to try a little experiment. I've heard that a sure-fire way to stop coughing is to apply Vicks Ointment to your child's feet and put socks on them. It's supposed to work wonders.

I tried it with my 3 year old and isn't hasn't improved much. How about we get a few people to try it and let us know what your results are? I'm thinking maybe I'm not putting enough on??

Hey Michelle, I didn't ask but do we use baby vicks or normal vicks??

I used Normal Vicks for my 3yr old. It says not to use it for children under 2 without medical advice. I think it's a little too strong for little bubs, but a friend mixes it with vasoline. (She's a doctor, so that's my medical advice)

I do it all the time and I swear by it. I use vicks baby balsam as its not so harsh and doesnt harm soft baby skin. DD2(3mths) has had a cold for a few days and I have been putting it on her feet day and night. I think it works a treat.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

Ok cool!
I better stop gas bagging and get off before DH comes home.
I better start dinner.

How much do you put on? A thick layer... or just rub it in?

I think you're supposed to do it at night - that's the only time my grandma used to do it on me. It actually works for my kids - I always rub eukybearub on the soles of my kids feet when they have a cold/cough. Seems to help them sleep much better, and that combined with their vaporisors, they can breath better too.
Oh & you definately rub it in. Infact rub until the sole of the foot is warm and the vicks has been absorped a bit by the skin.
OK, I'll try that! Thanks teapot! Hey, I thought about you today. My MIL knocked on my door, holding her thumb with blood pouring down her arm. She was trying to cut frozen chicken and the knife slipped. She's now all stitched up with her thumb in a splint.

Oh gee, and I thought you thought about me because you'd been served tea from a teapot!!! Not from my injury!! Gee, someone better gag my friend who spills the beans about me all the time!!!
That's how I remember who people are, by their embarresing stories! Tee Hee, hope you're OK now.

Now... back to the issues... Anyone tried Vicks!! gasp)

k, thanks for the tip!

Im going to give it a try tonight if i remember! As both my girls have got nasty coughs!

Kim, Townsville, mum of 2 girls

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