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Help needed for an unique present Lock Rss

Hello everyone,

I posted a question in the birthday section but thik I will receive a faster response via the general topics area then via the birthday section.

Anyway, I have an 7 year old niece who has absolutely everything you can think off. She almost without fail receives evertyhing double for birthday and Xmas (big family)I would like to get her something different/unique this year. Anyone got any ideas?

thanks in advance,


My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2


Some suggestions-

Pay for a class in jewellery making/scrapbooking/cardmaking at a craft store nearby eg Spotlight do day courses for around $25 + supplies. You could otherwise buy the supplies for a craft you are into and show her how to do it in your home. Girls this age love one on one attention.

Take her out and get her nails done- or something girly like that.

A magazine subscription to Girls Only etc- although this can cost around $50 for the year.

Take her out to- a movie, show, skating, bowling or lunch

I have found with my oldest daughter (now almost 10 yo) the presents she has enjoyed and remembered the most over the last few years involve experiences such as an outing rather than a material present. She has also had outings with her aunts and really enjoys that too- makes her feel special and more grown up.

Does she like stuffed animal toys? because ther are some new toys out that are called shining stars and upon purchase of one you get a unquie code to log onto a website so you can name your own star in the sky! and you can also print out the location in the galaxy of where your star is and a cert. of ownership. my sister bought my 2 DD'S on each.they're available from baby's galore or you can do a search on the web for the Russ website as they are the makers of them,there are about 30 different ones to choose from and some are so cute!

Thanks a million! they are all fantastic ideas + enough to last me a few more years (lol)

Take care,


My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

We gave our 7 year old niece a westfield gift card ........... she was so proud because she had a "credit card" ! ....... and she got to buy something she wanted !

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

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