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how to work out bubs exact age Lock Rss

OK this may sound stupid but im not soo good with working things out, trying to make a lilly pie counter and it has asked bubs age, but all i know is that next week he is 11mths, well i think that is right, he was born 20th august 06
I am sure the lilypie counter asks for he DOB and it works it our automatically.
Have you selected the "countdown to 1" lilypie took me a couple of goes before I worked it out properly.
In the space all you have to put is his name, if you know what I then brings up the months/weeks/days automatically
Hope this helps you..sounds confusing even to me lol

hi, hope I don't sound silly... but what is a lillypie counter?
Hey chubbubsmum...see that crocodile at the bottom of my post...thats it, just go to and have a look, they are really cute wink

hmm ok ill try again, i did have one a long time ago, but i cant remember how to do it
goodluck, let me know how you go

this is frustrating me way more then what it should be, its just trying to create a ticker, doesnt want to work sad
yeaa found the old one i had just had to sign in, but now how do i get it onto my signiture, i mainly want the pic of bub there, cant seem to work this out
Hey just noticed your bubs name is Riley, my DS is Rhylie
[Edited on 10/07/2007]
i am only new to this...but I had to use the psuedo link one (the second one I think) and only paste from [img] to [img]
Does that make sense to you?

Not sure about the pictures and stuff though, I only know how to do the ticker

I hope I am not confusing you more

Ahhh cool about your DS name too....different spelling, it is nice
I bet he is as cute as my Riley, how old is he??

11mths, he my big little boy now oh course he is cute hehe, isnt everyones bub cute hah! arr i might have to give this up, cant even get it to create a ticker.
awwww...maybe try afresh tomorrow morning. I wish I was better at explaining things better for you, my brain is a little mushy atm wink

Anyway, I am sure you will work it out, goodluck

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