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Hi Girls,
I hope this isn't a rude question but how much do you spend on groceries? DH gets paid fortnightly but during the winter gets paid less, normally I average about $200.00 at the supermarket and then about$50.00 at the butchers, plus extra bread, milk, fruit & veg during the week.
Because he got paid less I brought some meat at the supermarket & only got the necessaties but it still cost me $210.00, then I will have to get more fruit & veg, bread & milk in a few days time.
DH is hopeless at sticking to a budget because he doesn't like to go without luxuries like ice cream etc.
We only have one supermarket so can't go to a cheaper one.
Thanks Jess
we do about $150 to $200 a fortnight, sometimes we need milk and bread in the off week but thats about it. ive just started using cloth nappies so thats knocked it down a bit.
We spend probably no more than $250 a week (that includes nappies, formula, meat, etc).
We live out of town, so we can't just pop into town to buy an extra bottle of milk, etc. We also have to look at if it's really worth driving to town too often because of petrol.
We have an IGA and a Foodworks where we live, and we shop at IGA because it's the cheapest. I wish we had a woolies or a coles, because fruit, veg and meat is so expensive here!

i should add we do our shopping at aldi, its so much cheaper. but i do get meat at coles and normaly fruit and veg at the fruit and veg shop.
We usually spend about $200 all up, thats split between aldi, woolies, the butcher, and the fruit shop. But probably end up spending an extra 50 a week on little things that we forget! We're always running down to the iga on the corner to get milk, or formula, etc. We could probably spend less, but we're fussy when it comes to meat, so go to a fairly pricey butcher.. We do save on nappies though, (we use cloth), and also buy some stuff in bulk from kmart, like washing powder, and wipes.
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well we spend between $180 to $220 a fortnight, on a big shop, then we spend probably $50 to $80 on bits and peices duirng the fortnight, like milk, bread, paper, fresh fruit etc.
We dont buy alot of junk food though, we never buy any frozen meal things except for pies for dh work lunches. occasionaly we will get a apple pie or lemn meringues, A tub of icecream usually lasts 6 months, i just threw the last one out as it was going funny!

Last week, i actually brought a 20kg washing powder from Big W for only $17. i then brought a plastic tub for it to go into and kept the scooper out of a box. that will last me a long time!

I think i will buy dishwashing liquid in bulk next time i am out aswell.

huggies nappies are on special this weeks at toys r us btw.think someone said $32.

I am quite funny with food shopping though, i tend to only buy on special. so if i know something will be on special again soon and its not when i go in, i will get it later on. tight i know!

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Hmmm, it varies.

An expensive fortnight is $200.00

A cheap fortnight is $150.00

It does vary a lot depending on nappies (I use cloth at home) so depending on how much I am out I spend more on nappies. Also when stocking up on cleaning products etc.

There is dh, me, and 5 and 2 year olds. Most of my shop comes from Aldi, then I go and get from Coles, Woollies, fruit and veg market, whatever I didn't get at Aldi.

Although I am finding that definitely the bulk of our fortnightly shop is Aldi.
Hi there, i do my shopping at coles and i average $130.00 a week with meat and formula. Nappies aren't included in that. And i will add that we still eat really nice meals and snacks. We also have 2 dogs and their food is included in that to. I am a sahm so i bake alot and am always looking at new healthy and cheap dinners that i can make. We are looking at cutting down the $130.00 a week which would could do easily cause we want to do up and sell and buy a new home. Its amazing how much you can save when you put your mind to it.

My tip of the day is do your shopping once you've just eaten and are really full, that way there isn't much temptation buying. smile
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i did forget to mention that if dh comes shopping, it will be about $30 dearer then what i would get. he gets prawns, and fish and all ths freh stuff, and doesnt realise that it all has to be eaten within a cetain amount of days, therefor we usually end up throwing it out, so now i say NO lol

3 Little Ones to Love.....

Thanks girls, it seems what I spend is probably normal, it just seems so much more noticeable when DH is on a lower pay.
Put shopping doesn't include nappies because I always buy in bulk for DD when they are on sale and if I get them for DS I only buy cheap ones cos its only for night.
Like one of you said I do prefer to go to our butcher for meat because our supermarket meat isn't very good quality but its OK for casseroles so I brought a bit for that today and some silverside which does a couple of meals.
Thanks for all of your replies it made me feel a bit better and DH was lucky Ice-cream was on special this week so he didn't miss out!!
we spend $200 per 1.5 weeks we dont need to get bread in between or anything- we get most of our meat from a friend that works in sum place where they cut the whole cow up so we get that cheaper...i shop at coles but get fornula from chemist as it is wayyyy cheaper!
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