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is there anyone from tassie online?? or anywhere...i'm bored while bub in bed
Hi, I live in brisbane but wuld love to chat, My two littles are asleep with my third at school.

hi, im from tassie and i have 2. isabelle8mths and jacob 3 1/2yrs
i'm only pretty new at this...still not sure how it allworks...would like to put a pic in but not sure how??
I have a boy Zac 7years and two girls Breanna 3years and Charlotte who will be 3months tomorrow. What is the weather like in Tassie. I complai about the cold here but I am sure it is much colder there.

hehe! it is quiet cold at the moment first time in about 3yrs. it gets to about -4 where i am but during the day 11-12 deg.
that's -4 at night! but our cold is different to everyone else...same as summer we went to adelaide summer 2yrs ago and i found it colder then here...humididy plays a part i guess, our sun is very hot and direct but as soon as the wind blows its lots cooler.

girls do you mind if I join in my Ds is sleeping atm and have a little spare time[/img][/url]

absoloutly! where bouts u from?
That is cold, I love the name Isabelle, that is the name I wanted for my last one but my partner did not like it so we agreed on Charlotte and I got Isabelle for her middle name. I love the 8 month stage. Do you want anymore?

i would love to have the whole pregnancy and labour and baby stage...i have a terrible 3yr old who puts me off!
also i cant manage physically to have more babies, i have RA and it's onl getting worse. so its luck we managed one of each. but i get more clucky now that i know i can't have more.
My three year is also a handful. I can say they get easier as they get older. My seven year old gets better every year.

My three year old thinks she is a princess. It can be cute at times and very frusting at other times.

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