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Hi Teenazbc

So cute your 3 yr old calls her's 'vagino'. LOL

I was calling our boy's private parts 'willy', up until a recent meeting we had at his kindy and they said to encourage the parents to tell their children the correct names; penis & vagina. So now we use this and say that 'willy' was a nickname.
At the moment we use Doodle for boys~we have a friend called Willy so not appropriate!!~ and we have just been calling DD's a bottom because I didn't know what else to call it.
My two boys ahve always called their's pee pee's. Now Mr 5 is asking why Mummy and bubby dont have pee pee's and we have just told him mummy and bubby are differentand that girls are different to boys
Penis and Vagina

I'm a teacher and had to teach sex ed to grade 5/6 2 years ago - the first lesson was writting up lists of all the names the kids knew their body parts as - half of them had no idea what the correct term was so it makes it hard to teach them anything else.

I've also got lots of friends who have worked with abused children and it's hard to 'clarify' what has happened if the kids don't know what they are talking about. "He touched my diddledumpeepee" or whatever.

But then, i'm a big believer in teaching kids the correct terms for everything from the start - my kids never had a bot-bot full of milky-wilky, or wnet to bed with their dum-dum and blanky-wanky, they had bottles of milk and a dummy and blanket!

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My boys use the word Willy. Everyone knows what that means so I don't see a need for them to call it a Penis.

Apparently Mummy has a squished willy. LOL.
I suppose in a way it does look like that.

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My 2 girls have a moo-moo and my boy has a willy.
I was raised with a mini but that is what we call my younger sister so we changed the girls from mini to moo-moo.

Also my DH has told our son that mummy and your sisters had a willy and because they played with it too mich it fell off,he tells him this in the hope that he doesn't keep playing with his own.
Hi ladies-

my mum is an rn in a hospital emergency ward, where they process children who have suffered abuse. At the many courses and seminars she's been to they keep stressing that parents must teach their kids to use the correct name for their private parts, (or a name like a willy that everyone understands). The reason for this is that if anyone ever attempts to abuse the child, then they can accurately describe what happend to the adult that they (hopefully) tell, which may not always be the parent. Surprisingly, mum has been given many real examples of children trying to tell someone about an abuse, but not being understood or taken seriously because they were using silly names.

Anyway, it's up to each parent, but I just thought I'd share what I think is good advice.

We say fanny and pee pee.

To all those that said they always use the correct term for everything, do your kids use the terms urine, rectum, faeces (sp)etc?? Or do they say wee, bum and poo??

I think as long as you know what they are saying and they know what they are saying, there is no problem.

If they are in an abuse situation can't they just point to their private parts?

I honestly don't think that a judge or childcare worker is going to be confused if a child says "Uncle Bertle tounched me on the moo-moo, or rosie, or wang-wang," or what-ever. It wouldn't be hard to work it out.

When I was a child and a man in the street ejaculated infront of me and I was taken to the police station by my father, I had to explain just what happened. It was pretty clear what happened when I said that he 'shook up his 'you-know-what' and white frothy stuff came out'.

I didn't need to say that he played with his penis and sperm came out.
People aren't computers, they can read between the lines.

Just my take on the situation.

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Mez V

That is just horrible!!!

We have not had to worry about this just yet and to be honest i have no idea at this stage what we will call "private parts". We actually had this decision at mothers group one day and everyone had different opinions. As long as u know what they are talking about and they know what they are talking about i dont think it matters.
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