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Unfortunatly they're everywhere Jaz, (well thats what I think anyway). I came out of that pretty lucky. The most traumatic thing for me was being taken to the police station and having to tell a policeman and then again in a private room to a police woman.
I was really angry with the police for a few years until I realised what actually happened and why I was taken there. I felt like I had done something wrong.

As you can tell, I talk pretty openly about it. It makes me uncomfortable but I have anonymity here and I've told all my closest friends. So I haven't been affected in any major way. At least to my knowledge, LOL.
Could explain why I'm such a bleeding heart for abuse victims and why I get so rhyled up when I hear stories on the news.

Anyway. This is getting off the point a bit.

In my opinion and i feel very strongly about this in our house it is a vagina and a penis these are whats its called. We dont call eyes soemthing else and our arms soemthing else?? Why is is seen as soo taboo to just call it a vagina and a penis?? my 22 month old knows who has what and the proper names although she tries hard to pronounce them correctly she says daddy has enis and tanna and mummy have vagonja (trying to say vagina) and she knows boobs as boobs too i dont see the point in hiding them there a natural part of a body and children need to learn the right names.

i work in child care and one day a girl came to us saying floss hurt hurself etc etc and we were like oh poor floss is she ok now did she need a bandaid etc etc and then she procedded to point to her vagina saying how do i get a band aid on there?? Just too confuising for them!!!1

our daughters know the 'bits' as: willy & nina (our first daughter could never say vagina, so nina it is) and it has stuck with our second daughter..

mummy with DD 7; DD 4; DS 24 months

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