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Up or Down??? Lock Rss

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Down & locked!
My whiole kitchen is locked, and the hallway door shut so DD ca't get to the laundry.

She could get into the pantry and fridge though so thats how I taught her not to touch. She is over 2 now and the kitche is still in lockdown scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

hi there,
we keep ours down still, i agree they need to learn not to touch. It worked for our 2 daughters in no time, our gorgeous son is really pushing the boundries though smile

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Anything that could be harmful went up and/or locked but my kids just learnt what they could and couldnt touch really fast. I have never had a problem at home.
I find the biggest problem with touching for my kids is when they are outside the home.
I do think that kids learn fast in there own home what they can and carnt touch.

Ours are down and locked.

lol Miss Polly I think that all boys are like that. DS learnt at about 20 months how to open all the different locks we have

My busy house

My cleaning gear is in a high cupboard (in the kitchen, includes dishwashing gear & flyspray etc), and the breakables are in normal cupboards. The kids know if my voice gets raised it's a no no.

I would never forgive myself if an inquisitive little rugrat got into the chemical gear.
all the chemicals were locked in our cupboard under he sink so the kiddys couldnt get into them.

Some breakables were put up some were left down....
The more expensive stuff was put up high, just incase!

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my DD has just started to commando crawl, so this is something i've been thinking about.

i've decided that i'm only going to lock/remove harmful stuff and teach her about what she can and can not touch.

my BIL's kids had everything blocked off from them (including a playpen fence around the tv unit!!) and now when they go to other peoples places they get into EVERYTHING!! when they come here BIL moves all our stuff and i hate it!!! so i just dont want to have to do that, i want her to understand when we go some where no means no she cant touch.
We have the whole house child proofed, locks on the cupboards and all cleaning products up high, also have a lock on our ensuite door. I think you need to be realistic in your expectations of children under the age of three. Also I don't want to spend the whole day running around after ds saying "no", "don't touch" etc etc.....
Also I haven't found any problems when we are out, he listens to me when I say no, I would just rather when we are at home that I know that I don't have to watch him every 5 seconds so he doesn't get into something that he shouldn't or break something.
Why should a really young child be punished for the mistake of an adult in leaving something that can be broken within reach of the child.
As they get older and are able to understand then fair enough but until that time why make things difficult for yourself and for them?

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nando i think (and it is just my opinion) that i want to try and start young, BIL's kids are now nearly 5, and 3 and i dont think my house should be "packed" away cos they dont understand that just because they can get to it it doesn't mean they can touch it, and i think this is a result of having everything in their house barracaded off. and i'm not goimg to punish her at all for this its just something i want to try.
I've always kept the kitchen completely blocked off I cook alot and the oven is just to unsafe. The laundry is out of bound too. Any poisons are out of reach and anything very special or irreplacable is up. But every thing else is down or open and DS just needs to learn what he can and can't touch, he is oh so good at pushing the limits though!

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