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Up or Down??? Lock Rss

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I put chemicals up high or locked in the hall cupboard up on the top shelf. As I ran a family daycare from home years ago it was part of the licensing to do this, so I have just kept it up. As for breakables they are still in their places and the kids are told not to touch so they learn.

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Everything in our laundry is high up as are medicines, matches etc and the laundry door is usually closed so I don't have to look at the washing!
Our kitchen cupboards are really hard to open so I haven't worried about locking them and all knives are up on the bench, I have put the scissors on the window sill though because DS kept getting them out.
As for breakables I have never moved them and never really had a problem, they have both been smacked a couple of times on the hand for touching (if I had already said no) and now they know no means no and I think its great I can take them to my SIL's (no kids) and they no not to touch things and if she says no they are fine. One of my friends always does a "clean up" of my loungeroom for any breakables if her kids come over and told me once that I need to put my DVD & video up on a higher shelf but my kids have never really touched them, DD got her first smack for putting something in the VCR the other day and she hasn't been near there since.
Sorry about the waffle, but I think that dangerous things like medicines, detergents and bleaches etc need to be put up or locked but its personal with breakables, I prefer to have a couple of things out (not too vauable of course) so that they learn and you can tell them when they go to other peoples houses.
ghost rider, I don't think anyone had their "back up", you asked for opinions and that is what we gave you, obviously everyone has different ways of doing things.

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I keep dangerous stuff in cupboards and shut the doors to the rooms. I'm a big believer in teaching them not to touch. I didn't babyproof my house for my first son and I don't intend to for my second. We've never had an accident or incedent because I supervise them all the time and never let them play with things that aren't toys.

Anything that will kill, make my children extrememly sick, is locked away and/or high up.

Things that break - depending on how 'special' they are, are down and the kids know not to touch them.

We had a major aguement with DH's brother and SIL because they let their children touch anything anywhere anytime. Their eldest has broken 3 pairs of my FIL's glasses, when he was well above the age of knowing better. They even yelled at my IL's and stormed out of the house one day a few years back because one of the kids jammed their finger in something after being told several times not to touch it. They let their kids climb on and dance on coffee tables, and then crack it when they fall and hurt themselves. They encourage the kids to touch the fireplace and fire tools during summer and then wonder why they burn themselves in winter!

It's much eaasier for kids to learn that there are just some things they shouldn't touch, and that when an adult says 'No' it means "NO"!!

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All our cleaning stuff is locked away in the cupboard under my kitchen sink. Anything small that my little one can put in her mouth is up high. My youngest doesnt have access to the kitchen/bathroom end of the house thanks to a gate!!
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mum to two gorgeous guys

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