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Labour VS Giving Birth Rss

Hey girls,

Just wondering who found labour more painful that actually pushing your child out.

I found my labour way mor painful i was in labour for 21 hours and bubs was lying postirier so his back was agaist mine and that made my labour alot more painful..

when is came to pushing bubs out it was way way less painful even though bubs was a good size 8 pound 13..

Cant wait to hear what everyone says.


I think labour as well.
Mine was 11 hours from when i was six centimeters dilated. So when the contractions started getting stronger.

I pushed for 40 minutes. And towards the end was tired.

But with the contractions i couldnt move my body wouldnt let me. I cant really remember now though.

But i was relieved once i got to the pushing stage. nd instant relief as soon as he came out.

labour hurt more when i got contractions but when i was able too push the pain went away and as soon as i had him i said omg i feel normal again all the pain stoped thank god... but i was in labour for around 9ish hours but wasnt all bad...

Definitely labour. That pain was horrendous. Pushing out still hurt, but nowhere near as much.
I did it all without any drugs (not my choice!) and tore, but still thought that hurt less than the contractions.
they tugged on the cord and my placenta came out but they pushed on my tummy for ages i could feel the blood coming it it was gross not painful though i had a few stitches and i had a 2nd degree tear and another small tear that didnt require stitches..

i think i must of panicked becuase they called my doc and they told me he would be here in 20 mintues and that they want the baby out before then... well i was having contractions to push but i was trying not to push but when i saw my doc walk in the room and put gloves on and come over to me bubs was out within 2 minutes lol i thought i better start behaving myself and do as i was told... lol

Yep labour... I think the best way to describe it was during labour my entire body hurt. I felt the contractions not just in my stomach but in a wave of pain that just hurt everywhere! The actual pushing him out was more of a dull pressure in the one area (not to imply that it didn't hurt though!)

she was vacuumed out - i couldn't push anymore and was exhausted. I sucked so much gas I was ill, epidurals don't work on me, I had three top ups and was still in agony, when he sucked her out I proposed to the doctor - and he was about 65 yrs old..when she was sucked DH asked why her head was the size of a tennis ball, and then realised it was only the top of her head, lol.

i then sucked on the gas while I delivered the placenta as well as while they stiched me up...

I had that Mismish with my 1st.
I haemorraged, Dr put hand up to almost his elbow inside me feeling around going "hmmmmmmm where is this blood coming from?" i passed out from the pain of it.

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Yep i say labour.
my labour with DS was only 6 hours and DD was 2 hours.
Once my DD's head was out it hurt like hell, waiting for the next contraction to come to be able to push the rest of her out was so painfull. Once the placenta came out it was such a huge releif but hurt..

With DS the giving birth was the more painfull cause i had the vacuum and that really hurt, i cant get over how hard he was pulling on his head, if my feet were not in the stirrups i reackon he would have pulled me off the bed.
I had a epidural with both but it didnt stop the pain completely with me...

Its so so worth it though
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Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a


I would have to agree about the pushing on my tummy afterwards, OUCH!
Although, the midwife was pushing around on my tummy after the placenta was delivered... to make sure everything was in it's rigt place.. LOL!
I was trying to push her hand away, I thought I had gone through enough pain for one night.

I actually liked that erge to push... although it did hurt once he crowned.

I was in for a rude surprise with number 3. DS was sucked out, so never pushed and I still had the epidural working for DD1 and all I could feel was the urge to push, but no pain. No vacuum and no epidural for no3 so I was hit with the full force of pushing and it was excruciating. I think I was just screaming the whole place down and I remember have MW yelling to me to shutup. I would describe pushing as trying to push a bowling ball through a crack in concrete.


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