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does anyone sell tupperware? Rss


im thinking of selling tupperware but unsure what is involved. i know that therE Is no upfront costs but with things like tax - do you pay your own?

what is involvd with the whole process of selling tupperware?

i was called ballo!

I love Tupperware.
I'll buy some if someone sends me a catalogue. I'm in Sydney.
I dont want to have a party though.

I'm having a party on Friday the 27th, if you want to come!
Hehe in Newcastle though.

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I am the same, don't want a party but would like to buy some..can you do that?

They have a catologue online......

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

hi guys i saell tupperware...i live in tassie but can still order stuff for u and post it over??? also if u want catalogues i can keep u up to date
I have been selling Tupperware for a little over 6 months and I'm loving it.
It's a great way to earn extra $$, and so easy too. Most parties I do are about a $700 average, out of that I make about $140, which I have to work 10 hours at my 'real' job for, and at the most I'm at the hosts place for about 3 hours.
I could send the ladies in NSW a catalogue if they wanted anything, but I personally think it would be easier for you to go online to click on the link to request a catalogue and a demonstrator in your area will be in touch.
You don't have to have a party to buy, many of my friends have a look at the catalogue and monthly previews and buy from me that way. I put in an order most weeks so they know they can get things as they go (like Modular Mates) rather than spend a fortune in one go. As one lady from my mg said her hubby would notice if she spent a couple of hundred dollars on it, but $20-$40 a week he doesn't notice.

BigBoy I'd definately give it a go if you're thinking of selling it. It's a great pocket money earner, a great way to meet people, get away from the kids and get yourself cheap Tupperware as you get it @ 30% off. Also they are constantly having sales challenges that you get extra rewards along with your profits.
So far I have gotten a pair of gold earrings, a gold bangle, a wall clock, a message board, a leather handbag as well as vouchers to spend on products for my home or kit. At the moment I am aiming to sell $4000 this month (July) so that when I go to the new range release next month I'll qualify for 3 free products from the new range. Last release I walked away with about $200 worth of free product.
Give it a go what have you got to loose, if it all goes to hell in a handbasket you work for (approx) 4 parties so your kit is paid off but you are left with about $700 of quality Tupperware. Tupperware is one of the only party plan businesses where you pay no money up front for your kit. I had a Lorraine Lea party last week and they pay $500 plus have to do 6 (or more) parties to pay their kit off. And they have to carry SO MUCH stuff.

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chukkas, do you know if we can still get the shape-o rattle anywhere but ebay, they are selling fir like close to 100$$$ on there..........
btw i looooove t'ware. i also collect the mini's and keyrings etc. am waiting to see what august specials r on bfore i have party
catb, the shape-o rattle (maracca) wasn't a regular range item. I can't believe they are selling so well as I didn't like them lol. I got 2 but I'd need to look to see if I can find them, my daughter liked them so I spose they can't be all that bad hey.

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I used to do Tupperware also. I had a great time but ran out of people to host a party.

You can certainly ask for a catalogue from their website and then also ask for your nearest dealer to order from. Also checkout Ebay though as thats where alot gets sold really cheaply.

I sell Tupperware in Darwin, there are no up-front costs you pay your kit of at a % over your first few parties. You can do it as little or as often as you like, especially if your working it in around the children and the opportunites are amazing. The Cars are for managers, and they pay nothing but the petrol, so who could askfor more:) roll eyes
I know this forum is a bit old but thought that I would reply anyway. I have two kids, just checked the huggies website to update my kids details and I sell tupperware… and live in Sydney so if your interested I am happy to help out even if you don't want to have a party or have any questions. smile
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