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What does your dh do ? Lock Rss

what sort of job does your DH have. mine is a Refrigeration/Airconditioning Mechanic. and what sort of hours does he work? used to work 60 to 100 hrs a week but only 40 now with his new job
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[Edited on 16/07/2007]
dh is a duty manager at a sports club. he does 2 day shifts (7.30am-6pm)and 2 night shifts (5pm-3am)

Mine drives a log truck, during the summer he leaves home at 2am & gets home between 5-6pm, during the winter he starts at 4am.
my dh works for dairy farmers and has really good hours 7am- 3pm. Comes home early enough to habe fun with the kids!

My DH is a personal trainer. Since having a baby its the first time I have had to use him and my stomach is starting to look better.

His hours are all over the place which works really well having a baby because he spends different hours each day with us so he can see different rountines/moods etc.

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DH is a diesel mechanic by trade but has been driving trucks interstate for the past 7 months. He usually leaves Sunday morning and home on Thursday or Friday night....not much fun at all. But he likes the job and it pays the bills!!! We get by and our relationship is actually stronger, not really that much different - I am used to him working 14+ hr days anyway, so its just the empty bed at night that is different...oh and the constant worry of him being on the roads...but someone has to do it hey...thank goodness for Australia's truckies I say...where would we be without them???
X Dee x
Hi DEE my dad is a truck driver so i know what its like to be constantly worrying about them. But its good to have a break from them sometimes, DP used to work away for 2 to 3 weeks at a time when we first met and i think it makes a relationship stronger.
Well, mine's a truckie aswell, he used to cart logs but now he carts woodchip, with the occassional log carting job, it's long hours which at times drives me insane but we cope and it pays the bills, I should have known I'd end up with a truckie for a husband, my Dad's family are all truck drivers!
hehe enak....truckies cop far too much flak...i reckon they all do an awesome job....
I remember when we first got together and going for a ride in the truck scared the crap out of me, the amount of absolute idiots that pull out infront of a fully loaded truck! My hubby almost hit a car the other day because the stupid person cut him off and clipped his bullbar, he reckons if he'd given it a bit more power it would have been like that accident shown on A Current Affair a while ago! The stupid thing is they didn't even stop the kept going, they were trying to squeeze between his truck and another one infront of him! bl00dy idiots! Sorry had my little rant
mine is a true country boy at heart and was a shearer. Could work 4 weeks straight at a time, 10 hours a day and shearing 170+ sheep a day.

Now he is a builder. He has learnt practically how to build a house and do the inside apart from electrical work in 1.5yrs!
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