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My hubby is also an aircon/refrigeration mechanic. After the 4 yr apprenticeship and 2yrs of working for someone else we started our own business. Best thing we ever did both financially and for the improved hrs.

DUring winter (May-Aug) DH is home by lunch time most days which the boys and I are loving at the moment. Sept-April he works approx 8am-4pm. There is a bit of 'callout' work particularly in the warmer mths but when he is having to go out after 5pm or work on weekends it is a min 4hr callout fee at double time and half so well worth it.

My DH is a Computer Technician. He fixes, upgrades and installs systems for Pubs, Clubs and big businesses. His hours vary dramatically from week to week. Last week he wasn't home once before 9 o'clock and then this week has been home 2 days before 4 o'clock with one full day at home.

He was previously a sales manager in a computer store and before that delivered milk to retailers for Pauls.

He is however not the only bread winner in this household. I'm a part-time Pharmacy Assistant.

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

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