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What does your dh do ? Lock Rss

DH works in the mines as shotfirer. He is in charge of putting explosives in the ground and blowing it up to get to the coal. He works 6 - 6, with an hrs travel each way, but is on a roster 5/5. So its a pretty good job if only it wasnt so stressful.
My hubby is an Electrical Instrumentation Technician by trade. Works for Woodside on a 2 weeks on 2 weeks off roster. Then every 4th swing he has 6 weeks off. Ends up he only works for 20 weeks a year!! Its hard when he is away but AWESOME when he is home!!

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My DH is a supplier in the RAAF and at the moment works 7.30 - 430 mon-thur and 7.30 - 12 on fridays.
but can be called in to work longer hrs at any time

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Hi all. My hubby is a butcher. Its great we get all the best meat and its really cheap for us to smile
LOL all these blokey jobs!

My partner is a RN and ambo officer!! Its great, he loves it and I'm at uni studying to be one aswell so its handy having him around.
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my DH gets up puts on his uniform and goes off to work
Works about 40hrs in a week

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My partner is an Area-Manager for a large retail chain. It is very long hours but very flexible and can work at home a fair bit too.

DH is a audio visual installer. He put in all the speakers and stuff at the Olympics and opera house etc. He does 8am-5pm most days but sometimes works away so his hours vary a lot. He also does some weekend work and is on call as he does tower rigging as well and may get called out if one of the TV stations goes down in our local area.

My DP was in his last yr of an Air-con and refridgeration apprentiship but he had a car accident 8 mths ago and now cant work for around another 6 to 12 mths...

So now he is a SAHD and he loves it!!

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DH is a Heavy Duty Mechanic by trade and is currently working as an Underground Fitter in the mines. He works 2 weeks on and 1 week off roster working 12 hour days. He works away so I can be a SAHM otherwise we would both be working fulltime.


My hubby has his own construction business with his brother. They have both worked in construction for many years, DH is a Contracts Administrator and BIL is a Civil Engineer. They started business 3 years ago building houses, but they've just transitioned into Commercial Construction. They've just started 2 apartment buildings in the city.

Mine Hubby works in the mines and does 10 days on and 4 days off. He loves his work and it is hard having him away but the money is great.
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