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My DH is a computer systems engineer and does contracting work in telecommunications. He works from home 6 days/fortnight and works about 9am-6pm but we see him several times a day when he pops out of his office for tea breaks and lunch. The other 4 days/fortnight he works interstate which can be a bit of a drag as I'm on my own all day and night those days. He gets fantastic money for it though so I shouldn't complain!

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DP is a warehouse manager for a stoneworks (like statues, water features etc..) company. Also does deliveries and repairs. He works a typical 9-5 from Tuesday to Saturday, about 40hrs a week.

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My DP is a boilermaker
Works 80 hours a week
Is away for 4 weeks home for 1
Hes been gone for 7 weeks because they needed him
Sux big time!!

My DP is a boiler maker too. Works away up to 3 weeks for shut downs at mines.
Wow Michelle, 7 weeks is a long time, i bet it sux!!!

Yeah it sux
I miss him sooo much
hopefully next week he comes back

I cant even remember what he looks like haha
Where does your DP or DH live?

My DH is a sheet metal worker by trade but is now in the navy studying to become a marine technician (working on the engines on the ships). He hasn't yet been posted out to sea but when he does it will probably be for at least 6 months at a time. At the moment he has duty every 26-28 days. He works from 6am-4.30pm at the moment but comes home at 1.30 on wednesdays and fridays. Will change soon though as he has been posted to Sydney.

mine is a electrition and he works a standered 8 to 12hr day. thats if there is no brake downs at one of the mines he services. some days he leaves at 5am and i dont see him til 9pm.

ali = )

my DH works in the tyre field. he used to manage a store but moved to greener pastures.... He only works 2 days a week, his choice as we build and sell houses to make money and he enjoys being home with the kids, and helps me out heaps. he was always working 12 hours a day but now its better he can do things with us and we are no worse off for him not being at a job all day every day... we have just found a balance now..
My dads an interstae truckie also, thats all hes ever done, its a bit hard to watch when there are accidents reported on the new and you sit glued to see the name of the company, then its even wirse when it s the truck mob he works for, and you have to filter thru and find out if he's alright or not..
my DF is a heavy duty fitter but were moving soon and hes going to be transferred to a mine near where were going, doing 2weeks on 1 week off. much better having him home for a week than coming home every night and falling asleep on the couch!
you hear people forever complaining about truckies, I don't think they realise we'd all be screwed without them! I know I would be, nothing in the shops to buy. lol
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My boyfriend Dave works in IT for Telstra, He fixes internal IT issues for Telstra workers all across the country.

He starts between 7- 8 AM and finishes anywhere from 2PM -5PM it really depends on the day.
He gets weekends off, so its a mad rush around to get shopping and so forth done in 2 days.

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DH is a uni student atm. He is doing Bach. engineering (heading toward electrical he thinks)
This will be his 3rd degree, he has a computer science degree and a Bach. teaching degree. (too smart for me!!!LOL)
For the last 8 years dh was a high school teacher. He taught maths, IT and Science. He got very bored teaching high school maths and was fed up with the system here so decided on a change. He is the happiest I have seen him in about 5 or 6 years.

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

taken off due to nutters
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