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What's your favourite Perfume? Rss

What is everyone's favourite perfume.

Recently I was given a bottle of DKNY and I have fallen totally in love with the smell. I used to be a "Pleasures" girl but now it's DKNY for me.

[Edited on 17/07/2007]

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

My all time fave is RED DOOR....however my brother got me WISH for chrissy....and I love it!!!

My favourite perfume is Jadore by Christian Dior.
I love Calvin Kleins Euphoria mmmmmmm
and for my partner its Joop- Homme I think its called. But he also like a Hugo Boss one but I dont know the name of it :S
My fave is 'moschino', my dp got me a big bottle duty free, and it has just run out! Might have to hint for chrissy.. But on a different note, I couldn't wear any perfume while preggy, made me SOOO sick.
I love burberry london original (comes in a cream box), bvlgari blue and emporio armani white bottle mmmmm i love perfume. I also love a man thats smells good sad] . Dh always smells delish smile] .
I love 'Very Valentino' and 'Angel. And i for men i love the smell of Lacoste.

Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

mmmmmmmmmmmm, my fave is white musk from the body shop.
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chanel no5

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Dee, i love Red Door too! It's beautiful

I also love Joop, Opium and a few others i cant remember the name of LOL ohhhh and CK1 on Will mmm mmm
MMMMMMMMMMMMM.....I LOVE PERFUME... Everytime i smell Chanel no 5 i think of my mummy!
Some of my faves re Ralph Lauren "romance",
Vera Wang (sp)
the good old cK one,
Gucci rush, gucci 2, angel, baby doll, pleasures, clinque happy, my collection goes on!!!!
Ive got to many to name.
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