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Natural Vs C-Section. Rss

I've been thinking about different people I know lately and the sleeping patterns of their children.

Everyone I know who has had a baby recently via C-Section have settled children that sleep through the night and those who have had a natural birth tend to have harder to settle children.

Interested to hear if others find the same thing.

i had natural all they way drug free and my baby sleeps thru and has from 1month rarely cries very content happy lil man!
I don't think this has anything to do with how a baby sleeps.

I have five boys and all have been different.

1st - ok sleeper
2nd - a dream sleeper from day one - slept 12 hours a night no night feed! That's why he selfweaned at 6months!
3rd - horror of a sleeper - I knew I was alive!

All three boys were natural deliveries. The third baby however was induced! I blame the inducement on his behaviour - he was cranky from day one.

4th - a great sleeper but still wakes once a night
5th - had to learn to sleep

Babies 4 & 5 are twins and were delivered c-section.
Both my boys were VB's and they slept through at 10 weeks. They've always been great sleepers. I put it down to the routine I had them in from birth.

My son was delivered via vaginal delivery and was a drug free birth, and thakfully he pretty much slept 12 hours plus from 6 weeks old.

Even in the first 6 weeks, he wasn't too bad.

Mummy to one big little man!!

I definitely didn't find that. Both my kids were c-section. My first one rarely slept at all for the first 6 months, and was older than 12 months before she slept through the night. My second was not so bad, but still not slept through until around 9 months.
My DD had a very 'traumatic' delivery as the midwife put it. Long story short I had to have an epidural that I didn't want and bub came out blue/white and had to get resuscitated. She ended up in the SCN for 2 days and I wasn't allowed to feed her because they were worried she would have a fit.
She has been a dream sleeper from the beginning. Even with all my breastfeeding probs she only woke for 1 night feed and slept right through since about 3 months old. I've had her on a routine from the day we got home and I definitly think that's the key.

My daughter was perfect...WAS
She slept all night from 8pm - 9am every night from 6 weeks
Now she goes to bed at around 9:30 - 10.00 and wakes up 2-3 times a night
I think I broke her - got her from the hospital all new and trained bad habits into her

she was born by emergency c section

DD was a VB - and she is a fantastic sleeper.
Ds was born through Caesarean he is aterrible sleeper and he is 3!!!!Always has been from day dot!!!
DD was born through caesarean she is a great sleeper.

my little girl has slept through the night since 3mnths old and before that was only waking up for 1 night feed and i had an emergency c section.

while my best friend was fully dialated before she had a c section as bub was to big and got stuck. he is so difficult to get to sleep during the day and night.

ali = )

i had a natural birth and my DS was a brilliant sleeper through the night up until about 2 weeks ago.

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