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what is everyons honest opinions on single parents (mums or dads)??
Im a single mum and people say nice things to my face but then i have heard them say some really nasty things when they thought i was listening....
So i was just curious.

What sort of nasty things do they say?
I admire single parents, It would be such a hard job.

my mum is a single mum and I think she is amazing! not just coz she's my mum but because I know how hard it is with 2 kids and a partner for help, but she had three of us, and generally worked her arse off to give us everything she could. but saying that I know of anouther single mother who is the complete opposite can't be bothered with her kids I have also seen the same with married couples, so at the end of the day I think judging you or your parenting on whether your single or not is just stupid!
I have so much respect and admiration for single parents, I don't think I could go it alone.
I never used to think about it - but since having my DD, I admire them.

I don't know what I would do without my DH. Parenting can be a tough job, and it must be such hard work to do it alone. Good on your for having the strength to do it!
my mother is a single parent and she did a wonderful job for her children. it was very hard for her but she made it with three great kids (if i do say so myself.hehehe.) as the outcome. like the other i have alot of respect for parents doing it alone.

I have been a single mum due to a relationship breakdown and know exactly what you mean- people can be so judgemental. Escaping the stereotype of the single mother- who sits around having kids to collect centrelink payments is hard!!! I am sure a small percentage of single mums do work the system but there are plenty of hard working ,good Mums who find themselves in this situation (which they never imagined)and try to make a life for their families.

I too had all sorts of comments on my situation- from people who did not know me- and did not want to see my situation- they were happy to label me, judge me and then dismiss me. Don't let these people get to you, they are not worth worrying about. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. People who lift you up- not drag you down.

I was on single parenting support for 4 years- in that time I put myself through uni and now have a degree in early childhood education. Nine years on- I am happily married with 2 more girls. Just because you find yourself in this situation does not make it a life sentence- it is just a bump in lifes road.I had all sorts of nasty comments but- I was not sitting on my butt collecting welfare- I was working my butt off trying to give my daughter and myself a better life. Centrelink payments aren't exactly easy to live on- especially when you are raising children- I don't know how people are able to do it. I really needed the support of my parents to live and I was lucky enough that they helped out.

A friend of mine who is young- has recently found herself single and pregnant. Many people have judged her and made harsh comments behind her back. When they have said anything to me I have had a go at them- and tell them that she will be fine and that what she needs is support and respect- she has made her decision to have her baby- it was her decision and until they are faced with being a single parent themselves then they should say nothing.

My SIL was very harsh in judging her brothers new girlfriend - who was a single mum- she was very vocal about what she thought about single mothers. One year on- she briefly became a single parent herself- boy did her opinion change- she realised that most people don't plan on becoming a single parent- it is often due to relationship breakdown, spouse abuse etc. She gained a new respect for the single Mum. She realised just how tough they get it.

Keep your chin up- ingore those comments and focus on your bub and yourself. Work hard and prove to all those knockers that single Mums can do great things!!!

I was a single mum for 7 years of my sons life..his father was and still is a no child support, nothing.

I remember when I was 19 - he would have been about 4 months old, I was sitting on a bench in the shopping centre minding my own business and an old man got talking to cut a long story short he told me it was people like me who gobbled his taxes by having a baby as a teenager.

At the time, and unluckily for him, I had read a Centrelink Brochure with statistics...and quick smart told him that 3% of single mums were teens, and the rest were made up of widows or separated older women who had left a-holes like himself! Mum was with me at the time and laughed at it..

Be proud of raising your child on your own, I now have a beautiful, loving DH who works his butt off and treats my DS the same way he treats his new DD...he doesn't call him dad as he still sees the sperm donor as I like to call him to myself..he now has another child, not with her mum either, and pays for neither child, doesn't work, and will never amount to anything.

i admire single parents. my father died when we were 8 and my mother was great. she alway put us first, even though my dads family told her she'd never be able too look after us properly as i am a triplet. during this time she put her self through uni and came out with honers as wel as helping three teenages through high school and adolence.

my partner was a single father and raised his two daughters for 3yrs before we started dating and i can say he did a dam good job.

i would tell them to pull their heads in as being a single parent is rather difficult and dont let what they say get to you. they are judgemental pigs because they dont understand.
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ali = )

I totally admire most single mums or single dads, it is a bloody hard job raising kids, but a great one! it would take a strong person to do it all by themselves.

3 Little Ones to Love.....

i hold alot of respect for MOST single parents- of course there are a cpl out there that really need some talking to- but then its the same as 'coupled' parents
its good to read all these nice comments about single parents. i am a single mum and i think i am doing a great job raising my son alone. i havent heard from his dad since i was 5 months pregnant so its hard sometimes but i would rather be by myself than put up with the drama from his dad.

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