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Women doing the proposing? anyone done it? Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone has decided to pop the question to there man? i mean my partner is very old fashion and believes he should be the one to do it. But i think it would nice and different if i did it. what does everyone think?
hi peady,

my sister proposed to her now Husband so i think that it should be ok, but most men are like no & then ask you like the next day or something cos they wanted to propose to you.

have you two been talking about marriage or being engaged?

my husband gave me the ring first in the morning for valentines day then after i made him dinner that night he asked me to marry him. not the exact way i was expecting it to happen but still romantic i suppose.

My BF proposed to her boyfriend!
She had high hopes for what she considered a good proposal and was scared that he might not live up to her expectations when he proposed to her so she beat him to it!
By no means is she difficult or stuck up - just a hopeless romantic that wanted to be swept of her feet!
In saying that he said yes and they are married with a beautiful boy so all turned out well
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