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Chicken Pocs Lock Rss

Hi my daughter had chicken pocs in February this year and yesterday she started to come out in spots over her legs that look alot like chicken pocs. Then this morning she has more on her hands and arms. We are going to take her to the doctors tonight to get them checked. Does anyone know if you can get them more than once. I always thought you could only get them once.
I always thought this also until a few months ago a guy from my partner's work who mind you is 50 odd got chicken pocs for the second time! I was very surprised too! Sorry to hear your young daughter has to go through this twice in only a matter of months!

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

my son recently had them & he has been immunised the doc said you can have them 3 times

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Liz
How did you go when you took your daughter to the doctors the other night, did they say she has the chicken pox back again, be interested to know if she has and if you found out why she may have got them again so soon.

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