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I am really sick of my weight,and its just getting me down lately. Im 165cms tall and weigh 79kgs, Before I fell pregnant I weighed 88kgs and the heaviest I have been was 90kgs when I was 7 months pregnant, but I got Gestational Diabetes so had to go on a strict diet so when I had my son I weighed 87 and walked out of the hospital at 80kgs (he weighed 3.6kgs) and since then have gotten down to 79kgs, but I am a size 14-16 and I just want to get to a 12, Ive been oredered by the doctor that i have to lose at least 10 kgs otherwise im gonna get type 2 diabetes in 5 years and Im only 24!!! I don't eat muuch junk food and Im trying at the moment to cut down my portion sizes and do more exercise but its soooo hard!! I hate this weather so cant go walking, cant join the gym coz its too expensive and so I was thinking of hiring a treadmill. Im going on a holiday to the Gold Coast in Feb and i want to be able to look good in bathers and want to feel good having my photo taken as we wont be going on another holiday for a long time after that one, but not only that, I need to do it for my health and my son but I cant get my a r s e into gear,

Does anyone else feel this way? or have you been thru this and done something about it? any advice or words of encouragement would be appreciated smile

Hi Nicky

Before I had my kids I needed to lose a bit of weight, and I found Weight Watchers to be fanatastic. It really helped me, I lost 9 kilos doing that. Though you mentioned the gym was too expensive, so perhaps you can't pay for weight watchers either. Do you know anyone else who does it? I lent all my booklets and info to a friend so she could do it without paying. Maybe if you know anyone you could ask to borrow their stuff. I found it so helpful because it gives you a good idea of portion sizes, and healthier food choices without having to buy special things.

I sound like I'm trying to sell it, but I'm not! I just loved it, and after I've had this baby I'll go back on it some time.

The other thing I found helpful was to do a team sport (for me it was netball) that way I was much more motivated to exercise than if I had to do something myself.

Good luck, I know how frustrating it is. The other day I found a photo of me just after I'd lost my weight - I plan to put that up on the fridge when the time comes for me to do it again, as a bit of motivation.

Leah smile
hey nicky i found that a support forum really helped me. when i was cravings food and my little one was playing or napping id get online and found the support wonderful. it didnt cost anything and everyone is in the same boat- they are losing weight or want to lose weight. the forum i joined was ive made some great friends and one of the girls lives in my area and we met up and our two girls play and we take the kids swimming lessons and everything. you can do this mate, you just need some support and tips to lose the weight smile

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

1st things BIG HUGS for u chin up i know how stressful these things can get!!

Now please dont take pffense to this but i think u would really benefit from the chemist weight loss programmes (like tony furguson (terry white) or optislim) its a shake that u replace 2 meals a day; usually being breakky and lunch, i know with the optislim (we do this one at my pharmacy) they organise a meal plan for u- they allow u X ammount of calorie intake a day which is calculated by ur weight!

now here is the good part! u GO IN THERE to get weighed weekly fornightly WATEVER suits u! u buy the shakes in sachets so wen u run out u HAVE to go in there!!! so there is no excuse for not being motivated! ur motivatd to show ur weightloss consultant ur losing weight and the best part is if u follow it YOU ACTUALLY DO LOOSE WEIGHT!!!

anyways where abouts do u live like wat state? if u liek PM and i can give u more info i have seen FAB reults from this programme!
I have tried weight watches and agree it does work, I lost 5 kilos in 5 weeks when I did it last time and it was great, I just got sick of counting points, but cant join again as its too expensive, so the chemist weight loss programmes would probably be out too, one of my friends said she buys optifast and that a box only lasts her a week and they cost $39.95 so to me thats more than the gym, I know I can do it without things like that but at the moment am just lacking the motivation I think, although I did an exercise dvd this morning and it was great!!!

hi, i so understand where ur comming from i used to be big but i lost like nearly 30kgs before i had my son and was the best i ever felt then after i had him i slowly put it all back on again then i had my daughter so the weight still hasnt gone and i try to excersize but im in the same boat gym is to expensive... its too cold all the same excuses lol.. i just have problems getting motivated lol.. anyways i thought that if u wanted to chat my msn is

Hi there!
I have heard from a few people that the shake diet thing didn't work for them because as soon as they came off the shakes, they regained the weight. I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancies, and was really depressed when I didn't lose it right away. I purchased a treadmill and now go for a 5 1/2km run every day. At first it took me about 4 weeks to lose more than half a kilo and I put heaps of pressure on myself but now I have lost 7 1/2 kilos in about 4 months. I also have been eating a lot healthier foods (with the occasional sweet every now and then!) I hope that you find something that works for you as I guess everyone is different. Good luck!
a lot of people doing the shake programmes put the weight - by eating healthy when they come off the shakes! my cousins work for tony ferguson. i also find the shake programmes to be expensive especially if only one person in your household is bringing in an income. healthy eating and exercise are the best things to do because its something you need to do for life not just a short term solution. however the pro's of having a shake diet is that theyre convenient especially if you work long hours or you are busy with your kids. choose what best suits your situation and whether or not you are willing to work hard to maintain the weight once you lose it

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

I have a programme that I lost heaps of weight with & it was really easy to follow (no counting points or calories although you do need to weigh or measure your food). The company was called EasySlim & was a competitor to Weight Watchers but doesn't operate any more. If you'd like me to send you a copy I'd be happy to. Actually I should get it out & start following it again myself - I didn't gain heaps of weight while I was pregnant but have gained since I gave birth & I wasn't exactly skinny to start with!

Hi Nicky82,

First of all i know what you are going through. I am 21 and i am 157cm, and now weigh 84 kilos, I am classed as obese on the BMI scale and although i just look overweight i feel awful.
I figured out to lose it in a healthy way, it will take me until may/june next year. I need to lose 20 kilos just to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. And then about 3 after that.
It is hard for me being the size i am now because when i was smaller i looked great and i knew it. I would attract attention, now all i attract is looks of disgust. I am a size 16 at the moment and i want to lose it otherwise i know that it will cause problems later on.

I got a gym membership, i cant really afford it either, but i changed our budget around a bit because i figure it is for my health and will be worth it.
Actually going is a different story.
I have been making up big meals and then freezing them ready made with vegies and all. And i have 1/4 meat or meal to 3/4 vegies.
I also started today writing a weight loss journal. I always thought that was a silly idea, but it somehow makes you feel better to 'talk' about it/write it down.
I got DP to take photos as well. Do they look awful. I am so disgusted i let myself get this way.

My mum used to be a weight watchers lecturere and it works for a lot of women. I tried it but found it really hard preparing everything with a baby.
I tried the shakes, and that worked a little, but then the thought of having them made me feel sick. You know how you eat something so much you get sick of it?
At the moment i am trying lite'n'easy, but it is so expensive and we were strugling to pay bills and got behind.
So now i am making up dinners and freezing them, so all i have to do is pop them in the microwave. And also for breakfast, just having toast, fruit or cereal.
I still get a little lite'n'easy, just not the full program, because i simply cant afford it.
It gives me an idea of portion sizes and what i should be eating as well.

Good Luck with your weight loss.

thankyou ladies for all your words of encouragement and advice, I really appreciate it, and hope i can come back on here and tell you I have been succesful of my weight loss!!!

I too have been down that path I am the same height and used to weigh over 88kg. WW worked for me and I am down to 64kg and below (moves around a little). I was a tight sz 16, i refused to buy bigger clothes. I lost my weight 9 years ago. In that time I have had my two babies, gained during pregnancy and got it back off each time. I dont really count points as you get to point where you just know your balance. This time of year is my only exception. Like most people I weigh 2-3kg heavier during winter, so this time of year I revisit my counting for a couple of weeks to back down. If you have private health insurance they may well cover some of the costs of WW - my fund will pay $200 per year which covers all of the at home program. The only food I dont eat with ww is comercial pizza - and even that you factor in. I am not someone who likes to be told they cant have something so for me it didnt work to have to eliminate meals. Also I think the old saying "start as you mean to carry on" is really good. If your doing something you dont think you can keep up long term then you wont keep the weight you lose with it off long term - prepared meals just wouldnt work for me. SO chose what is good for you make a list of what you want, what you can afford to do, and what the programs offer out there. See which 1 best matches your list and go from there.
One last tip.....sorry its a long if you are going to rent a treadmill (I have one and its my saviour!!) is get one interest free and pay it off like a rental. It's cheaper per month and and you get to keep it smile it was so expensive in my area to rent. it cost me under a thrid of the cost per month. Cheaper than the gym too.
Fell free to PM me for recipies and tips if you want but most of all GOOD LUCK!!!! Its so worth it

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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