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Ive always found that cutting down carbs works for me, mainly because it stops my craving just to eat. You know when you find yourself just wandering between the pantry and fridge really wanting something to eat, just for something to do.

Try cutting out carbs in your evening meal. Meat and salad I find very satisfying. Snack on cheese. As youve said money is a problem but if you ever find yourself able to, I lost 12kgs in 5 weeks on the Ultralite program back in February.

PS Just wondering if anyone else here has done the Kate Morgan weightloss program.


Hey Nickey - I am so with you! I too have seemed to try everything to get back to where I was years ago.

This was my year to do it on weight watchers (online). The program is fine but the weight was not budging sad

Then my fabulous friend Anoushka on this site got me motivated with exercise and the weight is coming of!!!!!!

DENISE AUSTIN fat-burning dance mix - $24.00 on ebay. I had no previous dancing experience whatseover, but I have done a session from this dvd every second day for the last 2 weeks and have lost 2 kgs!! I feel so fit and toned. (Plus I am eating a healthy 18-20 points per day, of course). At first I was unco but by the third time I was with the dancers nearly the whole way - most do-able!! The presenter is really friendly. All you need is a clear space in the lounge-room, the remote and your tracky daks. My dd loves to join in (and trip me up) too!!! LOL

I have had so much more success with this than just walking or going to the gym (I did Curves for a while).

If you see Anoushka on here holler out for some healthy eating tips - she is the guru of good food and has really motivated me!!

It can be done - I am living proof!! All the best!!
Oh my god thats so true sweetlilmia, I wander from the fridge to the pantry all the time, and its not so much during the day,its at night time when I find i do it. Like I could have just had tea and think mmm what sweets can I eat? so I chucked everything out yesterday that was bad for me to eat. Im doing well so far and dont feel so bloated today, I have cut down my portion sizes and have been snacking on fruit and a handful of almonds and I might even be able to go for a walk today, as its quite sunny!!!

and for the lady that wrote about the treadmill, sorry I forgot your name, where do I find out who sells them like that?

I am in the same situation! Height and weight to match too! I have just put DH and myself back on the old WW cause we know it works and we already have the books. Our bad time of the day was dinner cause we used to get take outs quite a bit so I have done a menu for dinner and do my shopping list according to that. I hope to avoid buying bad foods this way. We have set aside one day a week for eating a bit of the bad stuff so we don't feel like we are missing out.

We have also joined the gym which we can't quite afford but I figure it is good for DS to go and mingle at the creche for a while and I can exercise at the same time. So I am kind of using DS as another form of motivation as I think it will be good for him too.

So long story short I understand what you mean and I hope that all of us who are trying to lose weight succeed!
I'm sorry for bumping this old thread but I have a tip I really feel like sharing with you.

Losing weight can be done with zero exercise minutes per day.....

Weight loss comes down to energy balance, as long as you’re eating fewer calories than you are burning (you burn calories every second, regardless of what you’re doing), you will lose weight. Exercise is one way to manipulate this energy balance and increase the amount of calories burned.

It is possible to exercise for 1 minute per day and still lose weight.

1 minute of specific weight loss routines, is equivalent to 45 minutes of moderate exercise at the gym

To be honest, I don't know too much more about it other than it working great for me and hubby, click here to take their 1 minute quiz:

I highly suggest your check it out if you're looking to lose your weight easily once and for all. It's called the "1 Minute Weight Loss Program" for a reason. smile smile

Good luck!

Lost 17 pounds in 3 Months w/ little to no exercise ph34r
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