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A girlfriend of mine is about to get a boob job which got me thinking about how unhappy I am with my body. Has anyone had anything done and how did it go? Or if you haven't, what would you have done?

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I havent had any work done but would love a boob job if only i had the money, how much is your friend paying to get it done??

But other than that im very happy with myself.

It is going to cost her about $9500. Alot of money. I know that after 3 kids I haven't got much left in that department either, but definately dont have that kind of money so will just have to live with them. Besides I think that I would go for liposuction on my bum first, wonder how much that would cost DH

My busy house

If I had the money I would love a boob job, I loved my BF boobies. A tummy tuck to get rid of that flabbiness and lipo on the thighs. Hmmm not much hey. It would cost a fortune.

Ah well, no harm in dreaming... Perhaps WW and exercise will help get rid of the tummy and thighs and then I only need to stress about the boobies. lol

I have a 2 year old now!!

When I finish having bubs I would like to get

Breast reduction and lift
Lipo on hips and thighs.
Cosmetic peel on face.

If I had a spare 20k that is.

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if i had the $$$ i would get my boobs done after i finish having kids. but thats just a dream ahhhhhhhhhh

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I am on a waiting list in country SA for a breast lift and he is doing it for free! I don't even have private health so he must have thought they were bad enough that it would be covered! I have been on the list for about a month and he said I would have to wait between 8-12 months. I am very excited!
lucky girl!!

I would like

Boob job
Liposuction on hips, tummy, bum and legs
Veneers on teeth
something that gets rid of stretchmarks and scars because im covered in them

im sure i could go on
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My wish list:
Boob lift
tummy tuck
Teeth veneers/whitening
Laser hair removal
(don't know if that's considered plastic surgery, but would just love to never have to shave or wax again!)
I already have a tin that I am throwing doller coins in for when i have my boob job ...never to earlie to start saving .....I ma bigger now than I was when i fel pregnant and out of all the things that have changed on my body ..I really have a problem with my boobs ...cant wait to have them lifted and separated again ...My hubby asked me the other day "how long has it been since your thighs were strangers ????) might have to throw a few more coins in the tin for some Lipo as well lol lol
In a heart beat.

I would get my boobs lifted, to where they should be. And get my nose done, its been broken and I hate the bump.

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