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Anyone around 30? Lock Rss

Hi to all the 'older Mums'. I am turning 29 soon. I was married with my first baby by twenty and have just had my fourth baby at 28. Fortunately when I fell pregnant at 19 I was with the man I wanted (and will) spend the rest of my life with. I am now glad that I fell pregnant and did not have to make the decision to start a family. It seems that there is no ideal time to stop work and make babies does there!? I do, however, think that had I made the decision to have kids, I would have had them closer to thirty than twenty. I will one day be forty with a 21 year old! Being a young mum for so long, it now surprises me to realise that people don't see me that way much anymore!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Yep me! I've never thought of myself as old, but there are a lot of younger mums on here. I turn into a dirty 30 this June and am going to have a big bash. Yay! Won't be pregnant or breastfeeding and I am going to have a big one!

Hi Pauline, My name is Jodie and i'm 35!! my ds riley is 9 1/2 months!!

hi, i'm 32 and have a 3.5yr old boy and a 1yr old boy, and i did feel like i was probably amongst one of the 'olders' but good to see there are so many of us. x


My name is Jeny and I'm turning 31 in August, I have a 2 yr old little princess and I'm due in May with my second baby. I live in Sydney.
I am 34 in May
I have 6 kids


Hi, What about 41, DD21 DD19 and a DS 10 weeks and I have never been so happy in my whole life.

My name is Dellayne
I turned 30 in January
I have a 19 month old son, Coen
I am nearly 24weeks pregnant with #2..... it's a Girl!
Hey, this is an old thread. The original poster would be around 34 or older now!!
Lol i just noticed it was an old post

LOL! I was reading this post this morning thinking 'I haven't seen some of these people around in ages!' Then I noticed the post dates... and thought I'd see how many people kept replying to it LOL!
my name is rebecca im 29 turning the big 30 in 3weeks (im scared) i have five boys 9,7,5,2 and 2months.


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