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Hi. With my first pregnancy i worked a five day 40 hour week until i was 30 weeks. I was in admin responsible for quite a few subcontractors and clients and ended up leaving due to my blood presure jumping up because of the stress, on maternity leave for a year. I returned to work when my son was 4months old in November, because they asked me back. i worked for six weeks, two full days one week and three the next. This tied in with my mums roster so she had my son. I had to go back to hospital for other medical reasons and ended up being off of work until February when i returned for another six weeks at four full time days. My son was 6-7 months at this stage and he became really detached and not himself. i ended up quitting because i couldnt do it to him. I'm 8 weeks away from my second at the moment and i don't intend to go back to work until both kids have started school. i'm looking into doing some further study while i am off of work to maybe branch out into another career.
I returned to fulltime work in September 2003.
I had to return due to financial reasons.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi Everyone

Thankyou to everyone who responded to this topic.

I thought if we could see into other people’s lives then we would understand why we all work or not work. Neither is right or wrong. We all are doing what is best for our kids.
This topic has helped me understand more people’s choices.


mum of 3

i would love to go into fulltime work as i have never experienced and would love my own money to buy things for myself and my little gal
should i return to work because i think i would be a happier person because of it but i dont know about childcare

DD may 03, DS oct 06

I work 3-4 hrs one day a week. The only reason is to keep my foot in the door so it is easier to return to work later. We are in a very fortunate position that I can have the choice as to if I returned or not. And I could also pick and choose what hours I wanted to keep in my job. I intially thought I would return for maybe two days a week (as I do love my job)until my little was born and then found I could not part with her. I thinking of maybe not going back to work after our next child is born in a few months and after I take a year maternity but then I think it is good for the kids to get time with their nanna and time for me have a breather. So will wait and make that decision when the time comes. Just want to make the most of this time while it is still here, even though it is just 4 hrs.
I worked 28 hours per week til I was 36 weeks pregnant and thought I might return to work after 6-12 months. Well... I'm a single mum and I just couldn't bring myself to work and give my DD to someone else anymore than I have to. As it is she goes to her Dad's every fri and sat night. So when she was 12 months old I found a job working for a friend on fri and sat nights while DD is at her dads. I love being a sahm and although it's really hard living on the pension plus a bit from work I just couldn't put her into someone elses care. I feel like I'm already missing out on too much. I don't want to be a dole bludger forever though. When she goes to kindy I will pick up more hours and hopefully work full time by the time she goes to school.
If I had any choice however I'd be having another bub very soon, but that's not gonna happen lol.
Much respect goes to working mums, I wish I could do it, but am to weak lol.

Mum to Charotte 13-03-06

i am pregger with my first and am trying to look for work but having no luck.
i used to work in a day spa as a massage and beauty therapist but quit when i was 12 weeks as we were moving interstate.

since then, i can not get a job. i'd like to work but cant.

once bub is born though i want to be a stay at home mum for as long as possible.

whether or not i get to do that depends on how we manage financially after the first 6 or so months of her being born
I worked til I was 28 weeks pg. Then got a massive blood clot and had a lengthy stay in hossy and wasn't allowed back.
When DS was 13 weeks old I went back and did vacation care for 3 weeks, to see how I went, then the next hols. He was b/f and stayed with my sis whenI was at work.
It got too much after 3 sets of hols, some days I had to get up at 5am and drive an hour to work, then another hour home.
My DH has his own business, and slowly his hours have increased that much that if I were to work f/t they would be in care all day every day.
DH and I decided that I would be their one consistency in their lives. Financially it isn't needed, so why separate them from me.
Some days DH doesn't come home until 9-10pm, so I am a single mum with financial benefits...

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I worked up until the day before I had bub (he came 4 weeks early). I worked fulltime in Sydney (about an hour away from home). I have now been off work for 12 mths and am due to return next week for 3 days a week 8am - 5pm. I wish I didnt have to return at all, but unfortunately I do. Fortunately for me I work for a large company who have an office closer to home that I have successfully landed a position at, so I can drive to work. My lil man will be in family daycare 2 days a week and DH will look after him on the 3rd day.

I have a 2 year old now!!

I worked up until 1 month before bub was due, full time 40 hours p/w

I am currently on 12 months maternity leave, i definatley will not be going back full time. I would like to go back 2-3 days per week but DF wants me to stay at home till bub goes to kindy... ( he lost his mum when he was 2 and doesnt believe that bub should be without me if he doesn't have to be) If that is the case then it will be some time before i return to work as we are planning another one next year or the one after... so it will be when bub no.2 is off to kindy....

Hi ive had it drummed into my head from a young age that to succeed is to work hard, so i have always held down employment. I am lucky to still be employed from home and be able to raise my DS. Its great to have the extra income to be able to afford certain luxuries that i otherwise may not enjoy. My husband is a total believer in save every cent possible and is a work-aholic which was also drummed into his head from a young age. We have great ideas on how to use our savings in the future to improve our house, so its up to us to work and save hard towards our dreams.

That being said both our parents were stay at home mums until all their children were in school. They then had to go back to work to be able to help give us everything we required and to spoil themselves a little.

I have no criticism on anyone that is unemployed because all situations are different and i believe that until you walk in someone else's shoes for a day, that you should remain openminded....

Jenni and Karl
At the moment I work 2 days a week for 6 hours. During that time DD (13months) goes into daycare. I live in a small country town and daycare closes over the christmas school holidays so I will be giving away work in December.Im 12 weeks pregnant at the moment and it would be too hard trying to find care for her or taking a break and only being able to go back for a few weeks before I was ready to have bub!
Chelsea loves daycare and being able to play with the kids. Im happy with a 12 hr working week, I dont think I would like to be away from her much more than that smile
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