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i worked up untill i was 37 weeks as a cleaner, from then i just could not do it any more. i have not returned, me and my dp wanted me at home with bradley. we are very lucky to be able to do this. dp works full time, things are tight some times but we would not have it any other way.

I went back to work when buby was 4.5mths. only for 1 day so far and he is at care for about 5hrs one week and the other 3hrs.As i work at a after school care.This holidays he will be in care for the one day for bout 8hrs.
I went back to work for myself, just to keep up with what happening and to finish my cert4 out of school hours care.
i worked till i was 7months
full time and was supposed to
go back last month but resigned
as we are better off financially
for me to stay home as i had to
travel to work bub would of needed
care and all the other bits that go
with it!!! I love staying home with
bubs beats my old job any day!! LOL
i worked on a school crossing up until i was 18wks pregnant, i was just getting to sick standing on the side of the road (which was on a hill) in the heat. havent worked since then, i wanted to be the stay at home mum. i have had shoulder problems, amoung other things which make it a little hard to work. I love being at home.

Work up until I had DD, but have not being able to return to work as DD has a high number of dietary need and day care will not take her so i have to stay at home was sad at first (having to spend all my time caring for a sick child and having to be very carful every where we go) but now I am loving it and looking forward to tring for a second child.
Hi bigmama,
I was supposed to return to work after 6 months maternity leave 2 weeks ago, on the Friday before i was due to go back i rang them and said "Sorry, i just can't leave my baby" they were very nice and said i can take another 6 months if i like and to ring them when i feel i am ready (very very nice). I just could't bear the thought of leaving my little precious baby in the hand of somebody i don't know at a day care, i know i will have to in another 6 months when i do go back but at the moment i personally think she is still to little. DP and i are TTC in Jan 08 so maybe i will not even go back at all. Who knows!! Hehe
Oh and when i was pregnant i worked full time in an office up until 37 weeks. I was sitting down so it was OK.

I am a qualified early childhood teacher but I am fortunate that my hubby earns enough money to support our family comfortably on one income. I feel lucky that I got to choose to be a SAHM. I love spending my days with my girls.

i went back to work parttime wen DS was 3months- he was a great baby and i got very bored sitting at home and craved adult interatction!

however now im over it i wanna go back home and stop working- but i think thats because my work is taking advantage of me lol

if u wanna work then go for it- if ur a lil uncertain then wait until u 100% wanna do it!

good luck ith ur choice!

ETA~ most work places have that 3 month probationary period so if ur not emjoying theres ur way out!
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Hi Bigmama,

I worked right up until 36 weeks with Paige (in an office so not too bad). Due to financial reasons (my husband had a business that wasn't doing too well), I had to return to full-time work when she was 15 months old.

I am now due with our second in January and am hoping to work up until 36 weeks with this bub too. It has taken us this long to get back on our feet financially (almost 2 years) so I am hoping that with this bub, I am either able to work from home or get a p/t job somewhere (that's if we find we're struggling agagin), otherwise I'll happily be a SAHM for a while.

I wouldn't have returned to full-time work if I didn't have to and even now would much prefer to work part-time as I feel like I've missed out on too much with Paige already. I am also that sort of person that absolutely loves the interaction etc that being at works bring you. It's hard having someone else tell you when they've reached a milestone or done something new. Everyone is different and as are their circumstances and you gotta do what's right for you and your family. Finding the balance that is right for you is the key!

Good luck!!

Sam x

i worked up til i was about 15 weeks but was very sick so i finished up at the day care centre i worked at.
haven't worked for 14months now.
i am looking at going back to work very soon or at the beginng of next yr. as the middle child will be starting prep, so we'll have two kids at school.
though i love being at home with the girls i cant wait to get back into the workforce looking at doing an apprenticeship.
my partner and i have chosen to look at getting a nanny to look after the baby during the day and looking after all three girls when the others fnish school, since childcare is so expensive.

ali = )

DH is a truck driver and works full time (away)....Our eldest DD is in her first year of school and DS is 3. To be honest certainly isnt worth it financially for me to go to work. If I did - anything I earned would go straight towards day care fees (only eligible for 16% CCB)...we would then also lose the bit of family assistance we now get (not that it is much...) BUT this way I can be at home with DS, go to play groups, kindergym etc and also be available for DD tuckshop and school things. I do miss working and sometimes feel as if my brain is turning to mush....LOL. But I only have nursing experience and shift work really doesnt suit when DH is away all of the time, and have no-one else to look after the kids. So for now until DS goes off to school in 09 I am more than happy to be a SAHM.....
Everyones situations and views are different, and I think we just need to do what is best for ourselves and our families. For those of you who do work...good on you.
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