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What do we call my partners parents?? :s Lock Rss

Please help!!
I have a a 5 1/2 year old and a 12 month old and have been with my partner for 6 months. Up until now my oldest has referred to my partners parents as Mr and Mrs Jones, while his sister is referred to as Aunty Rachel.
Now that it is fairly obvious that my partner and I are staying together and are making long-term plans for our future, we are starting to discuss other names that his parents should be referred by.
If you have any suggestions or similiar stories I'd love to hear them.

Thanks smile
Hey Mickey, Mihgt be bet if you go straight to the folks and see what they would like to be called. If they say it is up to you, I guess you could make up a special name for them. If you don't mind saying, what are their first names?

I have cousins who have their parents called all different things - Gunny for thte Gma and Gloompy for the Gdad!

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