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Who Will Win??? Lock Rss

Who do u think will win bb this year???
I hope Zach or Aliesha.
Any thoughts???

The only one I DON'T want to win is Billy.... yuck!
Yeah he's pretty boring!!!
On the web site Aliesha is favourite to take it out.
GiRl PoWeR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aliesha is great.... I love her little giggle.. hehe!
I really can't pick it this year...its going to be close - as long as its not Billy!!!!

Love ZACH (go the gay intruder!!)!!!! Love ALEISHA (woohoo - go girl power)!!! and love TRAVIS (do it for the truckies)!!!!!
As long as its not billy!!!! Id love for any of the otha 3 to win, they are all so great.
I want Travis to win. I just adore him.

Yeah I dont mind Trav he is a real blokie bloke!!!
I couldnt stand him at first the way he talked but then it grew on me!!!
I would really love Zach to win just to see if his jaw would drop even lower!!! lol

I'd like to see Zac win, only because he is right, its about time some-one different won. Sure, he was implying that it should be Aleshia, but I think it would be good to see a kind, fun, clever gay fella win.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I think it would be nice if any of them win ...not fussed on Billy ..his hair annoys me (lol how petty ....but it is really irritating )...i would not be dissappointed if any of the other three would win ...i think it would be even stenvens between them all
His hair did look good til he started to part it on the side
looked like a bit of a girl!!!!

i would love to see aliesha win, its about time a girl won again!! and if not aliesha i would like to see travis take it out.

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