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1st birthday ideas Lock Rss

hi anyone can suggest for a 1st birthday for my baby girl places anything will be helpful


Hello we had a pirate party for my son's first birthday we all dressed up as pirates and decorated the house to make it look like we were under the sea! We had hot food which was a pain to keep an eye on but with MIL's help went smoothly. The day was fantastic Cory got spoilt and had a balst and looked oh so cute in his little pirate outfit!

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G'day Helen,
Lachlan's 1st birthday isn't till November (and it should be a little warmer by then too!), but I have decided to have a beach party at the beach. Near us there is a beach that you can drive on, so I though I will take highchairs and big table and chairs for people to sit on. I also thought that I get a whole heap of rolls and take ham and salad stuff and everyone can make their own salad roll, instead of stuffing around with a bbq! I think I have way too much time on my hands to have decided all of this stuff already hey!!

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Riley is only 6 months and I think I have been playing his first bday since before he was born smile
We have to have 2 different bday parties as we are in Australia but most of our family are NZ so we will be heading back for the actual day. We are just going to be having family and a few of our friends over for a bbq, but yeah I think it will turn into more of a celebration for us parents due to bubs probably not remembering it anyway! As for pressies I have asked for books, and educational things... unfortunately I have gone overboard with Xmas pressies so there won't be much else to buy plus the fact that books etc can stay at his grandparents for when we visit again


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