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Found out sex of bubba and wished they hadn't? Lock Rss

I recently started trying for baby number two and always thought i would like to know the sex of our next child, until recently! A few things really have changed my mind. Number one is my best friend is expecting her first baby in less than 6 weeks and first she was told she was having a boy and she went out and brought some clothes etc and than when she went back in for the second ultrasound they than told her she was having a girl, so she than went out and brought a few girl clothing items!
My other reason is that somebody we knew had a baby a few months ago and she told everybody what sex it was and the name they planned on calling her, and when she was born it was kind of unexciting for everybody as we all knew the sex and name etc! I am worried that we find out the sex and even though we planned on not telling a sole what the sex of the baby is we will be disapointed that we found out as when the baby is born there is no "what did we have?" what do you other mums think. Have anybody been disapointed honestly i would like to know! I think we are not going to find out now as i think we hardly get any surprises in life these days and why not it is only a very long 40 weeks to wait. xoxox

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

I found out with both my boys. The 2nd one, we decided that we were going to wait and have a surprise, but once i was in that ultrasound room, i couldnt help myself, i had to know. The worst was i wanted another boy, and i only want 2 kids, no more, but when the lady said, its a boy, i kind of saw all pink flash before my eyes. I seen all the things i wanted to do with a girl, but wont get to do now. Dont get me wrong, i was happy for any baby as long as it was healthy, and i kept telling everyone i wanted 2 boys, but finding out made me a bit depressed for a little while.

I dont think it takes away from the excitment of a newborn bub though. Even if you know the sex, have named bub, etc, you still get to meet this amazing tiny new person and nothing can deflate that i dont reckon.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Hi, we found out the sex of our baby at 18 week scan but were told it was only 70% chance of a girl as she had her legs crossed (she is a lady). When she was born there was still the excitment of knowing that she was a girl as in the back of heads we said that it could be a boy still.
When we have another baby (which i hope is soon) i think i would found out again. I want a boy for my partner even though he would love boy or girl.
(hey tmestar i think our kids are around the same age my daughter was born the 2 april, 2004. When was your son born).
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