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Family Tax Benefit Supplements Lock Rss

Just thought I'd share this..

I was waiting patiently for my FTB (A & cool supplemnts cos hubby has already got his tax back and I have already received my baby bonus.

I thought i'd give them a call just to get an eta and she said as I was not lodging a tax return they have to manually married it off so if you wont be lodging a tax return ring the FTO so you can notify them of this fact so when hubby gets his tax done your FTB supps will be close behind

My FTB sups were $760 for the 2 sections


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Steph,
This happened to me last year I was waiting for our Supplement, rang the FTO and they told I had to tell them I wasn't lodging a tax return, even though I had put in a form to the ATO telling them this they didnt seem to pass this info onto the FTO, even though they pass on what my DH earned and when he got his tax return back, so real silly system. So I knew this year to phone them up and let them know but yeah there would be a few people out there that don't know this so good pointing it out.

Funny isn't it - I bet if we were the ones who owed them money they wouldn't need us to phone so our records would be cross matched. I get the whole allowance paid once per year as it's impossible to estimate my husband's income. I got my ftb parts A and B a couple of days ago but I'm still waiting on the supplement - I think last year it came about a week later, who knows why.
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