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Holiday. Without baby.. Lock Rss

My partner has decided to treat us to a weekend away by our selves, My MIL is coming to look after Kelly, which is great, she is very good with her, but I don't know how I am going to go leaving my little girl for a couple of days, even though I think it will be good spending some alone time with DP. She will be 7months by then, but we have never left her with any one before, so am a bit worried about how Kelly will be not having either of us around for a couple of days.

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Hi Joanne

I used to struggle with this a little too!

If you have a while before you are due to go, perhaps try leaving her with your MIL for one night to see how it goes. That way if she is very upset or anything else happens you are not far away if you have to go and pick her up. If all goes well (which in most cases I think it does) you may feel more comfortable when you go away.

Anyhow hope you enjoy your time away. I love spending time with my husband without our babies around, it is a real treat and we appreciate it so much!


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I know how you feel!! We left bella with my parents when she was 7 months old while we went to Melbourne for 3 days, we live in w'gong n.s.w so it was a plane trip away!
I was so sad even driving up to the airport i was crying!! Hubby was fine, although our conversations the whole time there were about the funny things isabella would do! I did make sure my parents stayed at our place so isabella was familiar with her surroundings, same bed and all.
It was the first time we ever left her overnight.
When we got back she was doing just fine without mummy and daddy. All that worrying for nothing!
Its easy to say but try not to worry too much, she will be looked after by someone you love and trust so all should be fine! Just have a good time!

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