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I just went to the DD wears Bonds suits probably 80% of the time, I have about 10 in each size (quite a few given to me, the rest hand me downs) and I LOVE them, she is comfortable, in cold weather don't need to undress her to change, she is a baby - that's what babies wear right?

Evidently not.

We were in the queue, and this mother and her approx 8 year old son were beind us. She puts her nose in the air and says "Oh look honey, that baby is wearing her pyjamas still".

Normally I ignore such comments, but I have had a bad night. I looked at her and said "Oh look honey, this lady is wearing her cleaning clothes to the shops" (she had on tracksuit pants)

The checkout girl snorted she laughed so hard, and I didn't look at her again.

Petty, but geez it felt great!

That is sooo funny! Wish I could come up with stuff like that so quickly sometimes.
Good on ya!!!

LOL thanks for that, i needed bit of cheering up
what's up Denae?
bad day too?

Thats great
Bet that took the smile off her face!!!

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I used to get this all the time aswell ...but from family and friends .....he would always be in a bonds suit adn people would buy us baby cloths all teh time thinking that we had none ..he never wore any of them as he was comfortable in bonds suits and I knew he was warm ...have you seen the bonds beenie ...make out of the same material and just so cute
thats so funny im glad you said something. The bonds suits are very good our lil man wears them all the time too

cohen still wears bonds suits at 12.5months lol

Nup having a really s**tty day, and its only 9am...
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That is so funny.
Good on you.

I really don't think it matters if your BABY is in a bonds suit during the day or not.
If I'm going just to the local shops and thats it, I sometimes leave Ella in her bonds suit or other jumpsuits. I'm not going to dress her up just to duck out for 5 min.

That's an awesome response, and thanks heaps for a good laugh this morning. I wish I could say stuff like that. How rude of her anyway!!!! Babies should be comfortable that's whats important. Plus I think Bonds suits are so cute.
What a great comeback!! I can never think of things like that on the spot.

My DD doesn't wear romper suits during the day, but that's just my personal choice. I would never make a comment like that to someone else!!

Babies can wear whatever they want, whenever they want, and get away with it - if only I could too!
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