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Hi All,

My DH and I have had our dog for about 5 years. She is inside and we just adore her! She would sit with us all night on the couch etc...

Since I have had bubs, I just don't have time for her anymore and I feel really bad. I try to show some extra affection to the pooch, but it really is just a token pat here and there... I noticed she has started to become naughty lately too.

What do I do?? I could never give her to another home?? But I feel like if I am not holding bubs I have the pooch on me...

Has anyone had the same problem?

Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05


I know how you feel. When my first daughter was born my staffy was 2 years old and an inside dog. We gradually moved her outside before Ashlee was born and now I have another baby and just hardly any time for the dog. It used to feel bad about it but now my daughter is old enough to play outside and she pats the dog and throws the ball to her all the time. When I go walking with the pram the dog comes along too.

I was considering giving her away to a good home where she would get more attention but she gets just as much now than she used to with my daughter. It is good for her to have a pet to play with too and my dog just loves her.

So hang in there, once bubs is old enough to play outside the dog will get a lot more love and attention!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Dont give up libby, it will get better!
When my DD was born i couldnt do a thing with our two rotties, now i make an effort to walk round our hilly block at least twice a week, my DH stays home with our bub and has some time and i get 'quality' time with the doggies!
They have always been outside dogs though. Our DD loves them and her fav thing is to watch me throw the ball, she simply adores them.
As your bub gets older, i think it will get easier for you. smile cheers

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

our dogs are still inside dogs and them and Bennett have learnt to play together. Jumble is especially loving him now he can chase her.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

My poor little furry children. They have been thru so much since my daughter was born. First mummy left after daddy said so, then they where deserted by evil daddy and mummy rescued them. It has been a long struggle but ever since we had a puppy dog week where we borrowed books from the library and made sure we spent lots of time with the puppies things have looked up. Nugget loves Akina to bits (although I think that has an awful lot to do with the sharing of food) but Chicken still just ignores Akina as much as possible and seems to copy what she does. If Akina has been standing up holding onto my then Chicken has to come and lie on top of me. So two questions first has anyone had a dog like Chicken (jealous and ignores baby but never aggressive) and second where do you think I rank in the pack if Akina is allowed to take the ball out of their mouth but I have to chase them for it?? tongue


we have 2 dogs and probably always will. this makes it a little easier when you have a baby coz they keep each other company. both our dogs were old (12yrs old & 15 yrs old) when we had our daughter. they used to sleep inside at night until our daughter started crawling and getting mouthfuls of hair. then they became outside dogs. it killed me at first but they get used to it. one of them passed away last year and we got another one a couple of months after. (the other dog was upset) now all my 3 yr old doughter wants to do is play outside with the dogs. they're never neglected. if anything, they get too much love from my daughter. but they love it!!!!!
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