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Something ELSE to think about...Soy Milk. Lock Rss

I just thought I would start this one as the other one was quite long. This is in responce to the Soy Milk (debate)...,
just want to put my side of this subject across...

My daughter is Dairy intolerant, (doesn't handle the Casein, which is animal protein) and I was adviced by her very respected Paediatrician (who also happens to be a Paediatric Gastoentoroligist) to put her onto Soy milk. Now before I did this, I googled, I went to Naturpaths and read everything I could about it and funnily enough, a lot of these things listed on that other post about how harmful Soy is had been mentioned but were WIDELY DISCREDITED by recent and numerous professional and scientific studies.

Putting my daughter on Soy was the best thing for her, no more constipation, no more stomach aches, no more days filled with screaming and sleepless nights. I know I would not be the only mother who can relate to this and who was a bit annoyed at how "lethal" Soy milk was portayed.

At the end of the day, no milk except breast milk is really that great for us. Cow's milk is designed for baby cow's, not humans and as human's, we have to train our bodies to tolerate it. Hence, not giving before 12 months, starting it off watered down etc...But we have to do what we have learnt is best for our kids and if that means Soy milk or goats milk or whatever the case may be, there is no problem with it. If all these things were TRUE about Soy milk, (and not just out-dated theories) it would not be on shelves or reccommended by HEALH PROFESSIONALS. I just hope there are no mother's out there freaking out over, to put it bluntly, nothing.
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3 Gorgeous Girls!

Good on you, Mummy2 3 girls for putting your point across. The mods also posted some more information and wider reading sources in the other thread when I referred it to them, to contribute to balanced information on the subject.

I am so relieved my dd no longer suffers the same symptoms you described in your daughter! That was really tough going to witness. And it is great you found a good doctor to advise you, too.
Just letting you know that I didn't actually write it, I just put it out there for others to read. Why is that so wrong?? I never asked anyone to believe it and I never said I believed it myself. I think some of you need to stop being so bloody sensitive and pull your head in as I was not putting any one down, I was just sharing information that MOST found interesting, just because you disagree doesn't mean you have the right to bag me. You have a brain, use it and make up your own mind.

I am not going to contribute to this any further as I have explained why it was put there. Some of you obviously have a guilt complex about the whole thing and felt it necessary to attack me, keep carrying on if you want as I wont be responding.
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I hold everyone responsible for what they type, even if you have cut and pasted it and have said you may not agree with. Especially if it is extremist and radical medical "information".

At least us mums who have turned to soy can maybe discuss it in this thread now, the highs and the lows of it, in a balanced way.
Just wondering why my post was edited by someone else? I said it was not meant to put the original person down or start a fight but that bit was taken out....

But seeing as she decided to get on her high horse about it...if you don't believe it or agree why put it on? And it's not a case of whether you choose to "believe" it, it's whether you are smart enough to look properly into it and arm yourself with ALL the facts, and not just the bad things. (which arn't even true.)

As for "feeling guilty"? What the? Who on here has to have their child on a Soy Milk diet and feels guilty about it? I would like to know because I am so glad that I was able to help my daughter and stop the pain and trouble for her caused by Dairy. It was the best thing I could have done for her and that makes me feel great as a parent.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

There is no way in heck I feel guilty about using soy and saving my daughter from physical pain from feeding! The idea is ridiculous, and it was quite childish of that poster to suggest such a thing. Perhaps she meant to stir us up for "fun"? Who knows.
Ok girls here goes.....Kate is doing some research into homeopathic and natural alternatives as well as "healthy" living. Her original post was in regard to something she found on the net about a product that has been "pushed" as a heathier alternative. I have discussed this with Kate as I too am a parent of lactose intollerant children and have had to use soy products for them to avoid unneccesary pain and illness in my children. I think the emphasis of Kates post IMO is that people who chose soy products in ways such as vegeterianism and such should perhaps research the product before deciding one way or another. As Kate mentioned she too uses soy Milk for her children when they have tummy bugs ect and was unaware that these "queries" actually existed. I dont think Kate intended to upset mothers of children or have soy either by neccesity or through choice rather she was sharing the info she found. I agree that when I read the post I too was alarmed and Yes I admit worried that I may have placed my children at risk but I sat and thought about it for a while and as I mentioned in my post on the other thread decided that if I had listen to it my child would be sick if I ignored it then there is/was a chance that my children would end up sick. Alison and co have posted some really relevent information so how about we move along and focus on the things that mean the most to us our children and their health.
Thought I may as well reply since the 'balanced' conversation isn't happening... Balanced would also mean looking at ALL sides, not just with what you agree with.

Thanks Nikkii, glad some one understands, actually most do!

If all these things were TRUE about Soy milk, (and not just out-dated theories) it would not be on shelves or reccommended by HEALH PROFESSIONALS.

Do you know that a lot of health professionals actually DON'T recommend?? You may think they are out dated theories, but that is just your opinion, because, in fact regarding soy it is constantly getting proven and dis-proven and proven again. So no, not out dated. You can't just find one article that agrees with YOU and discredit everything else. FYI, there are a hell of a lot of things that 'should not be on shelves' but still are, things that are banned in other countries are still sold here and vice versa.

The reason why I stated, 'I never said I believed it' is because I don't actually believe it or not believe it,my opinion on it is both sided. I was merely presenting something that I came across. Just because you don't agree, please don't make that my problem, maybe instead, share other pieces of information that you have come across in a MATURE manner like several others did in the original thread.

At least it is interesting, much better then 100 ticker threads and countless toy sales and other such drivel.
[Edited on 07/08/2007]
I'm still really disappointed you said some of us had a guilt complex about this subject, Kate. You seem to feel under attack on here several times and then you say hurtful things to others - and I don't find that fun.
Since I don't feel we can discuss things without insults from you on this subject, I'm not continuing with it just to make for a "good" post to read. You can if you want, someone else might bother to engage with you. Personally I have more in my life - ciao.
Oh for goodness sake! Kate has explained herself, and the majority of people here understand that she had never intended on making anyone feel guilty or anything negative with her original post. It has been explained by other people that Kate is such a nice woman but still, some have to sit there and be nasty. If you can't understand that she never meant anything wrong by the post then just let it go. Stop posting that she is attacking people or being mean or whatever. You don't know her, obviously, because the ones that do know how wonderful she is and value her as a friend. If you can't swallow your own pride and admit that you over-reacted then fine, but let it go!

Posted by: Joy3
I'm not continuing with it just to make for a "good" post to read. You can if you want, someone else might bother to engage with you. Personally I have more in my life - ciao.

What I meant by good post was that it was/is an interesting topic, I did not mean fiery, but somehow I think you knew that.

You have more in your life? So that is why you bagged the crap out of me when you first posted? You can't really have much going on atm if you have enough time to read things into my posts that aren't really there, you are acting like a victim and putting on an award winning 'poor me' act because you didn't agree with my original post. Get over it! If you felt 100% comfortable with what you are doing, my post would not have affected you at all, it is one persons opinion, I think you need to get out more and see that there is value in what others have to say.

BTW, thanks for your kind words Katey, you are a beautiful sheila!
Sorry but just felt the need to respond, I don't know why you feel so attacked. No one tried to put you down, our comments were only about the information, comments about the subject were in no way personal, it was you who chose to start that with the whole "guilty complex" nonsense.
No one was nasty about it, things are posted on here for people to respond to, you can't go and post something like that and expect no comments. You are the one who is being one-eyed about it all and I am sorry that you feel the need to pounce on anyone with a different opinion to you or whatever the case is.
And besides, I agree with you on one thing, it HAS made this post more interesting!

3 Gorgeous Girls!

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