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Feel so guilty - what should I do? Lock Rss

This is part about me and also part about toddlers so I posted here and if it gets moved so be it.

My dd is 23 months and still had 2 bottles a day until Monday when we threw them out and decided to go to cups. We have tried this on and off since she was 12 months old as MCHN says this is when your supposed to. Anyway since Monday we ave tried maybe 15 diff cups to no avail. She will just not touch her milk! She is smart enough to know that her bottles have gone in the bin and that shes a big girl and has a big girl cup but she still will not touch it.
My MCHN told me yesterday just to try again next week and as long as she was getting other calcium it was ok but I feel so guilty. She only ever has the bottle for 10 mins in the morning and at night before bed but we sit together and have it as our cuddle time.
So what do I do? Do I let her be a baby a bit longer and go back to the bottle or do I stand firm and keep persisting with a sippy cup.
Thanks for any advice
DS is 18mths. He has milk out of a bottle before bed at night. It's his and DH's special cuddle time as DH works all day. I can see any reason to rush him out of this. During the day it has taken a while, but he now has quite a few different sipper cups and straw cups that he will drink water out of. Over the past week or so I've been giving him a little cup with milk in it also. He tends to alternate between the milk & water cups during the day. It was quite interesting to watch him test the different flavours that came out of 2 cups that looked the same.

Anyway, I say if you feel guilty then it mustn't quite be time yet. Maybe try the before bed bottle again, but work on changing the day milk over to a cup. When it's the right time for a change you won't feel guilty about it.
I am not at that stage yet...but I have a couple of thoughts that may help.

You could try to still make it a special time in morning and night, maybe sit with a book and read a story together with her cup. I have always been told that the LESS fuss that is made of it the more likely the child will adapt to change.

You could also buy identical cups for her and yourself (even the rest of family), and you pop hers down next to yours, and make sure you take a drink from yours when you know she is watching, but don't make a show of it.

I agree with your MCHN, if you up her intake of calcium other ways, you can stick to your guns and just continue to offer her milk in a cup, it is hard to believe now, but eventually she will drink out of it.

Let me know how it goes and if any of these ideas make some sense....Good luck smile

maybe even try a straw! you know get a litle carton of milk 300ml, flavoured or plain, and see if the straw may help. just a thought. i lioke the idea of you all having the same cups... this and you won't believe me.

My bub is turning to 13 months this month. He still drinks his milk from the bottle. And the amazing things during breaki, lunch, noon snack and dinner I hvae to spoon up the water for him, in order for him to drink his water.

I know...I know..It sound crazy but that's the truth. I tried sippy cups from he was 9 trying the bottle with the straw ...still no luck.....

My nurse told me..don't feed the water from the spoon, he should learn drinking from the sippy cups. It means drink ffrom there or no at all. sooner or later he knows taht the olny source for him to get water is sippy cups.

I tried to be persistent for 2 dyas..but Luck then I decided that's it...I won't force him...I better spoon up the water so that he get enough liquid, as 70% of body weight is made up of liquid.

And if a kids not get enough liquid not only he'll dehydrated but also will damage his brain cell developments.

one..more more thing......I even still holding the bottle for him, while he is drinking it......his hands is busy playing with the toys.

I guess I am really spoilt him.........but sooner or later..when he is ready ..he will be ready....I guess........

We still hold the bottle for DS - 18mths. He usually strokes our faces etc or plays with my hair.

Instead of spoons, have you tried using a normal cup/glass? DS didn't really take to straw cups/sippy cups until a couple of months ago. But he did tend to lap up water out of a glass if I held it up for him. A glass was easier as I could see where the water was so I didn't drown him...
My DS is two and a half and still has a bottle at night. An avent one with the green sippy spout mind you so not technically a 'baby bottle', but a toddler spout in a normal bottle (raving now), but still loves his bottle (and dummy for bed).

I'm happy to let him have it still, he sleeps all night, and I'm not giving up my sleep for anyone. He'll give it up when he's ready, and throw the dummy away too.

DD had her dummy till she was a bit over 3, and threw it away voluntarily when SHE was ready. She didn't go with a bottle in bed, always a sippy cup until she decided not long ago that a drink of milk before bed was for babies not kindy girls. (had progressed to an open cup by 2yrs mind you).

Do what works for you, and what you feel comfortable doing.

If anyone decides to tell me it's time DS gave his bottle up, I'll tell them I'll decide that thankyou very much.
In my opinion, it doesn't matter if they still drink from a bottle, I think the point the nurse is trying to make is that she should be ABLE to drink from a cup at this age.

My DD's (2.5yrs & 1 yr) both still have a bottle before bed, but both of them have water during the day from a normal or sipper / straw cup.

I don't see any problem with the bottle.....
Hi there, my DD is 17 months and hasn't had a bottle since about 14 months (ps, I don't know anyone who successfully dropped bottles at the recommended 12 months) and I think the key for us was to bypass all the spout type cups and go for a straw. The ones with the valves are no good, they are so difficult to suck, and my DD actually has for bedtime a crappy old $2 plastic straw cup - it's the best! It has a really wide straw so she doesn't have to suck too hard. The one we used for a transition from the bottle was a Pigeon MagMag and she still has this for her water. They're great.

Don't feel guilty.

Gorgeous Audrey b.March 2006

hey gizmo

our DD's have the same bday and we put her in bed at nite with her bottle she doesnt have any during the day though just her one at night i think what works for u is the MCHN there with u at home to help when ur DD is crying and wants her bottle when they are ready they will stop drinking from them.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the replies. I still want to run out and buy her a bottle, sit her on my knee and hold her why she drinks it but I might give it until the end of the weekend. Today when I finished work and went to pick her up from my parents house she was sitting there sipping milk from a glass (they just tried a glass to see - not in the habit of letting her drink from a glass). She hadn't drunk heaps but more then she had any other day.
So tonight we tried it in one of our cups and she had a tiny bit (maybe 10ml) but not enough. I have a few more ideas to try over the weekend then I will see what happens next week.


Posted by: Verity
(ps, I don't know anyone who successfully dropped bottles at the recommended 12 months)

My DS started using a sippy cup for all his drinks at 10 months so I guess he is unusual. He was breastfed until 10 months but drank milk from a bottle when I was at work.
I found using a cheap $2 cup with a slit in the lid so the milk flows quickly worked the best. It would spill out of his mouth sometimes but I would hold the cup for him and a cloth underneath to catch the spills.
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