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Advice please.... Lock Rss

Hello everyone
My daughter is 7 month old now and she's really stuck on me at the moment, want just me and nobody else not even her dad... She's scream her lung out when I leave her with her dad or with my friend just to get her bottle... I heard somebody say if I try to use daycare it might help my baby to get used to stranger and be more independant... And it might help her get used to another baby too as we're planning to have another child... And if I use daycare would it make it easier when she have to go to preschool? Me and my husband don't have any relative so we never left our baby with anyone else, she is with me all day everyday. And please understand I don't mind that she with me all the time but I don't want this problem to get worse as she's getting older... If anyone have any advice please help me...
Thank you
Niki+Geneva 7 month old NSW
hi niki,
first i have to say that i love genevas name!! i really wanted it for this bub but my hubby doesnt like it ;( we are now thinking of gwen or gwenevere.

but as for your problem with bub, its soo hard. but i think all i can offer is persistant. it may just be a phase, and i hope it is! but i did take all my kids to daycare from about 12months. i think it does both mum and bub good. you need a break too, and its soo nice to do things like food shopping on your own! and yes i really believe it helps with seperation anxiety. they are usually really good at centers. if your child is really worked up, they do call you. maybe you could try half days?

good luck with your girl though
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