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Some friends and I were discussing who would you save, if it came to making the choice, after her labour nearly went badly, Your Babys Life or Your Life?

I always thought I would put my baby first, but my friend said she would save herself as she had children at home relying on her.

(I actually dont even think its an option as I think the mother is always put over the baby, the mother is the doctors patient, but I could be wrong.)

So what would you do, my friends point of view relly gave me something to think about.
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i dont really you mean in a life or death situation where only one of you can make it?



i too have 2 chidren to care for and cant imagine what life would be like for them without me so i would save myself. however if it were my only child then i would save it, i dont think i could live with the loss of a child.
thats a tough one...
I have said in the past..always put the baby first
But now i have a little boy at home, i guess i'd have to choose myself as awful as that sounds

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Only if you let it.
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It may sound selfish in your situation, but other people have different lives, so selfish i don't think fits

It may sound selfish but I would save myself for my dh and other kids sake. I love my babies and pray that my bub would be alright.

I also pray I am never in that position. Mummy2be I think you comments are very harsh

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Posted by: mummy_2be
Anyone who would save theirself is selfish!

dont preach what you dont know, you dont yet have a child dependant on you. when your daughter is born then try telling us you would leave her alone.
Hey girls, I thinks its interesting to see the different points of view especially ones who already have kids, compared to ones who dont.

Does anyone know if you do actually get the choice, or am I right and the mother is always put first.


i'm not sure what the correct procedure is..
but my aunty was having a difficult labour, and the doctors asked her husband if it came to it, which did he want to save.
Though that was a few years ago...

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