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I would save myself. Jazmyn and Zachary need me and I hate to think what they would go through not having a mumma. I would also pray for the baby I lost and love dearly every day. I could not cope with out my mum, why should mine have to cope without me if there was a choice?

On the other hand, I hope no one is ever faced with this.
im so sorry sweet angel i didnt realise you were pregnant, im so used to seeing tickers i didnt notice your sig.
That choice is just a horrid one.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

sending lots of best healthy baby wishes your way
There were a couple of times that I have made this decision.
With my first pg I almost died, then during labour.
I told my husband to do everything possible to save Dominik and let me go. I also made him promise me that he would tell Dominik how much mummy loved him etc etc. (getting choked up here)
Luckily we both survived.

We have also discussed (do to our recent floods) who does what, if Annika is with DH he take her and I take Dominik. Also plane accidents, we fly overseas a bit so we felt we had to talk about the what ifs.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

god i hope none of us have to make that choice.
that is cool mummyto cuties

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys


The choice for me would be to save myself and I do not feel selfish in the slighest for my choice. I already have 3 DD's at home - I would consider their need for a Mother.It would not be about saving my own skin for me but for my existing children.I realise children grow up without Mums everyday but the thought of choosing to make my children motherless is unimaginable. While the loss of a bub is a tragic circumstance to be faced with- I cannot imagine choosing to save my bub- that would mean leaving 4 children on this planet without their Mum.

Just my thoughts

i think with your first baby there is no choice you save bubs, but with the secone third etc there is no choice either but the choice changes IYKWIM.
Can I just put a point across for the people that say baby first, my aunt was pregnant and her bub had severe abnormalities which may or may have been able to be fixed with surgery BUT to have delivered her baby at term would have most likely killed her and her baby or she would have needed a full hysterectomyand chances are her baby may not have made it, it was her first child and she did make the difficult decision to delivre her child at 18wks to save her own life.

It is not an easy choice to make, it was 20 years ago and she still wonders 'what if' but she has two beautiful healthy daughters and knows in her heart that it was worth it but it still haunts her at times.

I think in certain situations the answer is yea I would put my life first as hard as that is to say after losing a baby, my kids need me.
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Thankfully we live in this society where its rare for anything to happen. We have caesers, u/s, monitoring so the Docs are usually on top of everything.

It was my PG friend who actually bought it up and she surprised me a bit, but the topic stemmed from the 'How your labour went' conversation.


it is one of those awful scenarios.
I think everyone secretly thinks of stuff like this from time to time

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