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I have three boys and l would save myself! Not only for the fact that l couldn't leave my boys behind without me, l also couldn't leave the baby with the guilt. That child would grow up knowing, that they survived and their mother died as a result of them being born. Also imagine how the other children would feel towards their sibling!

Throughout my pregnancies l never gave this question a thought, especially since l even had twins and complications can happen.

Everyone is free to have an opinion though.
Wow, what an interesting topic!
Along with others here, I would choose my life over my baby as I have a DD, and I really don't know how my DP of 18 years would cope without me.
Although to lose a baby would be terrible, we would still be able to get through it "together" as a family.
I feel the loss of my life would be far more devasting and would have a much more lasting effect on them.
I would have to say that I would save myself.
I have 2 boys, and my DH and I don't live close to our families. If I wasn't here, he would be trying to care for a newborn, grieve, and he would have to upend himself and the kids and move back to where he could get family to help out, he would also have to search for another job. Although my DH is more than capable of doing most things, and is a great dad, I worry about how he would cope with enormity of it all.
Just my 2c...

i guess its really hard to say unless ur in the situation (things can change!) however ATM i would say my baby or i would let DP chose

DP zio had to make this horrid desicion (years and years ago) with Dp's zia- he had to chose his wife or the baby- he chose his wife im not sure exactly why he made that choice i was told why but forgot!
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i don't think there is any right or wrong answer..everyone is valid in their opinion...and i would think it ignorant for anybody to judge them if they had to make such an awful choice

I would painfully choose myself hard would that be baby (if chosen ) would have it a bit tough woth no mum around for the first couple of months hubby would do a fantastic job ..but I have Luke to consider now and he is my world
just wanted to say "lukes mum" that picture is so cute

aaaawww thanks jack's mum ...we dont mind him ...think we might keep him lol lol
lol..i've not yet come close to any child cuter than my own, lol, but yours would be runner

thats is such a nice thing to say ..thanks that makes me feel really good !!!smile]

You will have to put up some photos of your little cheurub for us all to see ..I love looking at everyone elses bubs

i guess no one can really anwser untill the exact moment their in that position, because with the other perspective i wouldn't hestitate to hold my child up or save my child in a car crash.

I think im done thinking about it, because it just keeps getting more horrible in my mind

oh claire, in those circumstances yes would risk my life to save theirs.. definitely!

I only say i would choose myself over my unborn because thats a little different then a 2yr old sitting in front of you if that makes sense!
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