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Hi Supermummy,

Great point. I was thinking of it from a childbirth/labour perspective. If it came down to whether I could save one of my existing children yet sacrifice myself in the process- absolutely I would sacrifice myself- in a heartbeat. I have actually had nightmares about being in a sinking car with my 3 girls and trying to workout which one to get out first. God forbid any of us should ever have to be confronted with this type of situation. The nightmare woke me up in tears by the way- I could not calm down til I went and watched my children as they slept. I never want even imagine being in that position- but if I was- I would die trying to save all my children and my partner. I would fight until my last breath.
It's awful to think about isn't it? I remember when I was younger, I asked my mum.."if she was hanging over a cliff with me in one hand, and my brother in the other and she could only save one..Who would it be?' She got really upset and wouldnt answer, she said she didn't even want to think about it.
I never really understood why she wouldnt answer..being a child. But now I totally understand. It is just something you COULD not answer theoretically.

To get to the question, when I was pregnant with Jack, I remember having this conversation with my DH. I told him to save the baby. But now that Jack is here, and if I was to have another, I would have to say save myself for Jack. My god it just doesnt bare thinking about does it! I hope none of us are ever in this situation.
yep ..I think I would like to say if faced with these situations I would save Luke ...but who really knows until they are faced with this ....oooohhh I cant come back tto this thrad ..way to depressing lol lol
very difficult decision... i think personally i would let nature decide actually... my husband would have no hesitation about saving me, but if it was my choice, i would say let fate decide... but i do things like that!!!

i went in for a little operation two years ago, and "died" on the operating table when they put me under, and would have left behind 5 kids... my oldest, who was just 18 at the time, had no hesitation in saying she would look after her younger siblings and keep the family together, and it was written down before i went in - it came very close to happening, but i was sent back!!

i guess having a close knit family like that makes these kinds of things a little easier - they would have struggled obviously, but knowing they are there for each other gives you a huge sense of relief... not nice to think about (or live through) but these are the kinds of things that can happen, and really should be discussed, just in case...

and i would always put my life on the line for my babies, and my grandbabies - no hesitation!!!


mum of five, grandma of one

Interesting point Supermummy.
Under those circumstances, then I would definitely save my DD. But I suppose it is quite different than the childbirth scenario because it is your child that you know and have cared for, as opposed to a child you have not yet met IYKWIM.
I would save myself. Like other mums, if the situation came up and I was pregnant with my first I would save bub but now that I already have a child it would have to be me. I couldnt imagine life without my mum and I wouldnt want DD to be without me. It would break my heart and probably haunt me forever to choose my life over my baby's and I hope I never have to.
As for what supermummy suggested then I would save DD for sure.
I just asked DH and he said he would save me everytime! Not really a nice thing to think of, was interesting getting Dh opinion though. I love my kids and DH what a horrible thought!


me personally, i would put my life 1st, but i hope im never put in that situation... reason as 2 why, is if i put bubs 1st, than some1 else would have 2 look after him
as far as saving my children or myself in a disaster or accident absolutely my children first, its an old saying but ide take a bullet for them.

If I had the choice - ie fire, time to save myself or the child - the child for sure.

I almost died when giving birth to DS - haemorraged, severely - and I don't like to think what would have happened to him if I didn't make it. His father is a nitwit.

If I was advised to terminate a pregnancy due to health reasons for myself, i would choose to terminate now - this comes from a girl who is totally anti abortion by the way...but now I have 2 kids to care for, and no one I trust to leave them with...DH would do his best but my kids need me...DH would still be anti abortion if the above were to occur...he is even more against it than I am/was.

Very hard choice..

that is the hardest question ever i have a lil girl 19months that i couldnt live without if something happenes to her i wouldnt know how to live.. But also i know that she wouldnt live without me so i am confused i have mates who have lost babies and they have sort of coped but another couple live day to day and theres was a life or death situation the docs tried there best to save the baby but he passed 3 days later and the mummy was in intensive care when he passed and hasnt coped well at all... But i dont know unless it was going to happen
Mummy2be, I know where you're coming from. I only have the one child so I would like to think that I'd put my sons life first. I often thought that if there was a fire I would get DS out any possible way I could. However I think when I have another one it will be different. You need to be there for all your children, even though they wouldn't be alone, they still need their mum.

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