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Age gap???? Lock Rss

I was just thinking....

Am I the only crazy one out there with a very small age gap between my 2 babies???? The gap is 11months.

So what is your age gap between your kids or whatever???????

im still preg with first but DF wants to have our children close together. But then again, he wouldnt be the one staying home and taking care of them lol

Did you plan to have your two so close ?

I have a 10yo, 6yo and 1yo. If I could go back ages would look like this 10,9,8 I would just bang them out.


Didnt plan any of them. It was a joke when we had the 1st one. But its working out, so far.....
Ours are 11, 6 and 1

Mummy to one big little man!!

I've got 14 months between mine. Wasn't really planned but hubby was saying we should have another just before I got pregnant.
I would like a third close too but think it would be too hard trying to shop, fit them in the car etc until the oldest is more independent.
I have twin boys who are 3 and a half and little Lucas who is 8 months. I would love more, but my husband says no, unless we wait 10yrs. I said to him, what the!!!! I think l would compromise on 5 yrs though. My DH and is older brother are 17 yrs apart. His brother is actually older than my Mum which is weird, but l must say they get along great! I think whatever age it all works out in the end!
Our children are 11, 2 and 4 weeks old.

Hi Bri
No you are not alone
The gap between my kids is 11 months and 3 weeks.
How are you finding it.
I thought it would be alot harder, i am not saying it has been easy but thought it would be much harder..
I do have my days where things get tough..
Both of ours were planed

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Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a


I have a 10yo an almost 3yo and a 5 1/2 month old.

I think whatever age gap you have- is what is right for you- there is no age gap that is too close or too far apart IMO. Both have pros and cons.
Rach, Im finding it ok like you. What helped is that my son started walking at 10mths, so when I had my daughter all I had to carry was her. I love the fact that my son wants to cuddle her and kiss her....Its so cute
I have 2.5yrs between my two which seems to work really well. It was going to be 17mths, but that wasn't to be. I have a friend who has 11mths between her 2 and my sister has approx 18mth between each of her 3.

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