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Dont piss off debt collectors. Lock Rss

Will you ever put your name to anything ever again?


Posted by: lillie
i already have a bad credit ratin for the next 6 yrs cos of a loan he didnt pay that was also in my name.

oh no sad
he is so unfair.

the original company i mean twas the debt collcetor that originally took it, was statewide mercantile or something like that this guy was form a completely different company

Hi there,
This happened to me about 3 months ago. I got a letter from a debt cllector about a phone I had connected whilst living with my now ex's dad. Long story short optus never bothered to contact me (I currently have a mobile and internet with them!) and I got the debt collector letter. I rang them and explained the situation and said I can't afford this bill please can I pay it off. The lady was really nice and asked what I could afford. After I originally said nothing... I asked would $20 per fortnight be acceptable and she said yes.
So now I just set up an auto bpay and I don't have to worry about it.
Even though you might already have a credit listing I would try not to make it worse because when you go to apply for credit in the future it shows how many times you have defaulted. If you only have 1 there it's going to look alot better than a whole list of defaults.
Best of luck, I hope you can sort it out.

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HI Lillie's mum,
My sister had a problem like yours about 4yrs ago. She told them that she would pay $5 a week until it was paid off. She was told by someone that if you make regular payments each week they can't take you to court or put you on bad debt notice. She finished paying her bill this year. She boughth a new car (From a well known car yard) this year and no one said anything about her being on the bad debt list. But I do know how easy it is for someone to put things in your name over the phone IE telephone, internet, electricity, gas. Even if you have a drivers licence # they just say I don't hold a licence and then give other details. Its scary.


I would definetely ring them to organise a payment arrangement. If they do end up taking it to court, you will be liable to play their costs of taking it to the court as well as the inital debt.

I would definetely not be avoiding it, it will catch up with you in the long run. I have been involved in these sort of cases with work and they do turn ugly.

welll ive tried to call the company three times today and i keep being put on hold once for 55 mins next time was 32mins and third time i had the shits and hung up after 15 mins. its annoying cos although its a toll free number i have to call from my mobile so its costing even more.

Hi ladies

Well after reading this tread it made me think, i organised to pay back a debt, with a queensland debt agency, 3 weeks before i moved, they where meant to send me deteails so i could pay it off using Bpay, well i moved nearly 8 weeks ago and never recieved any documentation from them, and because i thought they would have sent everything i needed B4 i moved i threw out the name or company and their phone number.

So if anyone know's there name please PM smile

sorry for asking in your thread..


Hayley can you ring the company the original debt was with and ask them who they get to do their collections?
Ladies dont think after 5-7 years it is totally off your record as I have a friend that didn't pay the money back and that was 10 years ago and it was still on her record.

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thankyou, not sure why i didn't think of that...
thanks again



Before i gave up work to be a SAHM i was a debt collector.(no abuse please!!!) THere are a few different things you can do and it all really depends on your situation. What's done is done and all you can really do is sort it out now. Normally( but not always) smaller debts are not worth taking to court. Because of the costs involved.HOwever they can add collections costs onto the debt to make the balance worth chasing iykwim.
If you want these people off your back, call them and make arrangements to pay it off. Sometimes when the debt is so old they eventually give up.. but there is nothing to stop them from re-listing you on your credit file. Often what companies do is update the listing so that when you apply for finance you will want the listing updated and thats when you will contact them. You can be listed on your file for an outstanding account more than 60 days, for $100.00 and over. Some utilities for as little as $20.00 overdue.

YOu could try contacting them and offering a settlement, which would mean you could pay a reduced amount but it would need to be paid in one payment immediately.

Alot of people continue to ignore collections efforts which can lead to a range of actions including having a SLC(commomnly know as a summons)issued, which may lead to judgement being obtained and this will stay on your credit file for 12 years, and then one day you could get a visit from the sherrif who may reposses goods to recover the debt PLUS costs. If your working you could have your wages garnishee'd or you may be escorted to the court house to answer questions about financial position and have to make an argeement with the court to pay back the debt.. Having said that this is normally for larger debts than yours but it is still an option available to the collectors.

Sure some people "get away" with not paying, but and the end of the day most people dont want to take the risk of being sued and having their credit rating stuffed. If you dont plan on getting finance and your not working, you can always sit back and wait to see what they do but this can cost you more in the long run.. I would recommened you call them and get it over and done with..most companies would be happy to negotiate a reduced settlement on such an old account.


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