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Dont piss off debt collectors. Lock Rss

thanks s_amantha. A very good post smile

It is a shame that people do not know how damaging a tarnish credit rating can be. All they need to do is the right thing and pay off the debt. They made a promise and signed a contract that they will repay this debt. Even if the person chose to give the goods/money to loved ones. They still need to take responsiblity. It hurts in the longer run.

Its really sad to be the bearer of bad news to genunine people applying for a loan, especially a homeloan, only to be declined because of poor credit rating.

It wont be long before Rental properties will do credit checks too.

Hi Lillie,

The best advice is to negotiate with them like what I did in my past debt collector which is
Best thing to do here is to settle your debt. Contact a reputable debt collector like
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