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I am preparing my 4.5 yr son's old baby clothes for our new arrival in October but am finding as I take things out of storage, a lot of the white things have yellowed!
Particularly the singlets and bonds suits.
I have tried soaking in Napisan and drying on line in bright sunlight for a couple of days for the sun to help fade, This has helped but there are still some yellowing of some things.
Ideas please!
If they are all white u could try soaking in bleach. Summer is the best time to hang in the sun.
You could dye them yellow or pink or blue depending on if you are havin a boy or girl.

I done a search on google for you some suggestions were:
preen ultralift,
rubbing bicard soda into the stain and then pouring white vinegar on to it,
lemon juice and leaving in the sun all day,
White King,

I hope this helps you.


It may seem strange my my gran puts whites on the grass in the sunlight to keep them white, she always seems to have impecable clothes It may work, i haven't tried it but there's no grass at my units to do so.

NTH, QLD, Cooper,25/11/04

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