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My 15 month old son has 6 teeth and i a m worried about one of them! It is fully out but is crooked! I was wanting to know whether anybody knew of a good dentist in the Western Suburbs that i could take him too. I am worried as i have just had to wear braces for 2 years as i had the same problem with the exact same tooth!

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I was a Dental nurse a few years ago, I wouldn't worryabout it too much at this early stage, easier said than done I know!.
Baby teeth are not a huge indication of how the permanent teeth will be, my 6 year old neice has chipped her two front baby teeth & they are pretty crooked but our family dentist is keeping an eye on them & will investigate further once the permanent ones come in to see if anything further needs to be done.
Where I worked we used to check the kids teeth at about 2 where they would take a ride in the chair when their parents came for check ups (every 6 months).
Maybe take bub along to your next check up & talk to your dentist then.
My family dentist is fantastic but not in your area, I new him from my old work, but you can try calling the ADA, there should be a number in the yellow pages for their recommendation of a dentist in your area.
Hope this helps
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