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I have a baby shower to go to on saturday and wanted some gift ideas. I was thinking of buying a baby singlet and getting the guest to sighn it then getting it framed. is this a good idea of would it just be taking up space?

mum to ryan 10-05-05

I think that is a great idea i have never heard of it before and now think i will have one at my baby shower for next pregnancy! I am even going to suggest it to my best friend who is having one in a few weeks! The size of the singlets are so small that even in a frame would not take up too much room and it is a great memory for the mum to keep forever! I thank you for giving me inspiration now to buy her a originla present and will say i got the idea off a huggies mum as she also uses this site!

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

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