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I'm having trouble finding somewhere decent to take my daughter for her 3rd birthday I was wanting to do something speceial for her but do not want to go to McDonalds or lollipops has anyone got any suggestions or ideas.
Hi Tracey30,
What about a zoo, or bird sanctuary? This way they can see and feed the birds and animals, and most places will cater food too. Just ring them and ask about prices etc. Most will give discounts if there are a few people coming. You could even go to you local park. The kids can play on the playground equipment, and you just take your own party foor and drinks. Hope this helps.

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Hi tracey I agree about not wanting to have mcdonalds parties and that alike i just think it's sad. But I would suggest that you pick a character such as faries or princesses or even pooh bear, what ever your daughter likes and get everyone to come dressed in that theme. You can buy plastic cups and plates from most supermarkets in these themes and have the party at hom . If you don't want the kids trashing the house find a nice nearby park with swings climbing equipment and most of all close toilets. This way the kids can scream and laugh and run around not making a mess of the house and when it's all finished no washing up. You will also it will be cheaper but most of all the kids will enjoy themselves a lot more. Take lots of photos to.

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chose a letter say your daughters name is Laura have everyone come dressed as a L word like lolly or something. or just say to all the kids to come dressed as their fav cartoon or fav thing. like pooh tigger bananas in pyjamas or whatever....

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ten pin bowling . we actually went with the kids from the play group yesterday they had a ball haha! even my youngets son who is not 2 yet had a game& got 2 strikes !

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How about the back garden, or the park. While they are lttle take advantage of the fact that they don't have any ideas about grand things. pass the parcel and musical statues with a cake is all they really need. The other thing I would suggest is keeping the party to about 1 1/2 hours. This allows for parents to stay a little late after the party without the wheels falling off.

What ever you do she will have fun because she'll be the centre of attention.

Have fun and don't forget to get a friend to snap lots of photo's for you.

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what about the soft ball pit places miss 5 going to one for a party on the weekend they are popular now


Roller Skating (mmm... maybe too young)
Swimming Pool
Arts & Craft studio
Mini Golf
Gymnastics Centre
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