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Help Breastfeed baby with green poo Lock Rss


Just wondering if it is normal for a breastfeed baby to have some green poo, Ds is almost 5 months and normally has yellow poo. I am really worried as this is not normal for him. Does any one know what could possible be causing this[/img][/url]

Have you started solids? That can change it. Have you given panadol? That can change it too
Hi Mars

we started farex the other day but he hasn't had any in the last 2 days, and he hasnt had any panadol could it have been something i have eaten[/img][/url]

It could be, but my guess is that its the farex. Even though its been a couple of days, it could be his tummy adjusting to something other than milk. Once they start solids, they lose that yellow colored poo anyways. If you are worried, give your MHN a call tomorrow
Thanks mars

that eases my mind a little if it is still green tomorrow I will contact my MHN thanks for your help[/img][/url]

My DD had this at a few months old. I asked the CHN and she asked was I eating too much sugar? (which I was - bucketloads of ice cream). Anyhow it went back to normal shortly after.

You could ring your CHN in the morning if you are worried, there are probably a few reasons for green poo.

Good luck!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

No worries, it is so easy to worry about things with a new bub!! All the best xox
Its can also be a sign bubby is getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk, just make sure bub is emptying each side before swaping.
Um have YOU eaten anything different lately? Green poos is often a sign of iron being present in the diet. Hence formula fed babies have greener poos cos of the iron in the formula. Could just be the farex too.
I would say it is something you've eaten! It's very normal...babies can produce anything from pumpkin coloured to something that resembles creek water!

Unless he is unwell, there is nothing to worry about!
Yep agree with Nat. My DS sometimes gets greeny poo's. At first I freaked, and rang my CHN. She said it is quite normal, as long as he is well and there are no other symptoms. I also asked my doc, and he said pretty much the same thing. They can range in colours. The big bad colours to look out for are black, red and white. If poo's are this colour, see the doc.
Thanks for all the advice girls he had green poos all last night so I went and saw my CHN and she explained that it could be a range of things, so that put my mind at ease he seems to be back to him self today and his poo is back to normal colour.

Thanks for all your help

Bye for now[/img][/url]

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